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6/29/2006 2:28 pm

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In the last few years I have been working on my attitude and outlook on life. I had to change a lot of thoughts and patterns. Most of this was changed by doing different things. Alien things. I was brought to this action by the thought that I wasn't a very nice or pleasant guy. Ok, so now that I'm liking myself, what next?
OOoooooh... body. Yes that's right. I started exercising a few months back. It's a great thing, but the desire definitely has to come from inside for that shit. Damn but it hurts the body when you start. Give it a month and it feels great.
Now what? Now, it's time to start moving ahead in the rat race of life. I'm going to use my boring job as a catalyst to propel me into something new. I've gotten one idea from a certain someone. Since I looked into this stuff a few years back in college, I think I'm capable. It's going to be hard and long work. True enough. But nothing worthwhile in life was ever handed to me without it.
For my inspiration I'm using a picture. A what??? A picture of a woman's back. In my ignoble estimate, a perfect image. It doesn't show anything erotic or private, no distinguishing marks or anything else to ever identify her.
So, in this sense, the picture represents all the beauty of a woman. Not just the physical, but the mental. All the attributes that I want in my perfect woman I can put into this photo. So, that's where my drive is going to come from. A fantasy of working for, and keeping, the perfect woman for me.

safereturns 47F

6/29/2006 9:00 pm

One of the most fun things in your life can be work. Mark Twain, I think: "Make your vocation your vacation." Once your mind is ignited, it all flows.

I would love to have your energy level. (Err, body next to mine. Something or other.)

Exercising is the best cure for a lot of things, from hangovers to depression to... oh, whatever ails you.

rm_abutoo2 replies on 6/30/2006 12:55 am:
oooh, and my favorite kind of exercise too!

canuhandle1968 48F

6/30/2006 4:39 am

I recently got some inspiration... (must be catchy) Bought a weight machine... Putting it together was a work-out in itself, but now it's together and I am lovin' it! Whatever it is you're willing to work for, you'll have. Allow the "obstacles" to be removed....

rm_abutoo2 replies on 6/30/2006 3:01 pm:
the obstacles always seem to remove themselves when we stop bullshitting and put the feet in motion, lol. Congrats on the weight machine...

P.S. Don't shrink the boobs!!!! (much)

smoothnjuicy4u 50F

6/30/2006 7:38 am

Ive been reading your blog the last few days and you seem to be a great guy. Changing is never easy but you seem to have found what inspires you. I love the catalyst reference

rm_abutoo2 replies on 6/30/2006 3:04 pm:
thanks. just don't distract me by waving boobs in my face!!! Oh damn... you already did that.

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