a truckers dream -- part 1 --The Road.  

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a truckers dream -- part 1 --The Road.

Now, I've told this story a few times, and I'm sure that only one person ever believed it really happened. It really did happen though. December 12th, 2002.

I'd been out on the road a while at the time. About a month out of the house. It was towards the end of the day. Both the end of daylight and the end of my ten hours of driving. Northbound on I-81 about 45 or 50 miles inside of Virginia. I was rolling along, dodging traffic, doing next to nothing like usual. A pontiac grand-am, with a jet-ski in tow pulled in front of me and started to slow down.
A jet ski in December. Hmmmph I thought. I hit my indicator and passed them. As soon as I passed them I saw their blinker come on. "Typical fucking 4 wheelers," I tell myself. Don't want to go faster than me and sure as hell don't want to be behind a big truck.
As the car came by the cab I glanced down, really I was ready to throw a glare at em.
The glare didn't happen. In the passenger seat was a very good looking blond waving a very impressive pair of tits at me.
"Oh hell yeah," I told myself. Damn she was a hottie too. Long wavy blond hair, definitely a formed figure from time in the gym. Tanned. And she was smiling a grin the size of Texas.
I think I need to interrupt my story here and say that most of the time when I get flashed it's by women that I'd just as soon not even have seen fully clothed, so this was special indeed. I was pretty engrossed in the show of her massaging what looked to be a large C or small D rack. "oh very nice." I kissed my fingers and did an Italian impressionist thing of "perfecto," Something like that anyway. She got the gyst and laughed.
They pulled back in front of me. Following the rules of the road I immediately picked up the CB. "Hey y'all I got a georgeous blond up here showing her tits." The usual reply's come in "well hell driver, where's she at?" So I hollered out the mile marker. Just then the Grand Am started slowing again.
"Oh shit." I hollered into the mic. "They're slowing back down again." I passed them, same as before. This time when they come back around she's got that magnificent rack pressed up to the window. And it took up the whole window. I laughed at her for that one. I could tell she was enjoying herself. I also took note that there was a guy driving. "Oh well," I told myself. "So much for fantasies. But damn she's hot!"
They pulled away and got back in front of me again. So I hollered on the CB. I never would have said anything if I knew what was coming next.
The car slowed back down again and once again I went around the outside again. This time when they got along side of me she had herself a bottle. A 12 ounce bottle. . She had those Bambi eyes looking right at me and she was tonguing around the lip of the bottle. She turned the bottle up into her mouth, draining the rest of it and then started to suck on the bottle. She was taking as much of it as she could. Sliding it in and out, those perfect lips closed around the neck of the bottle “Oh Damn” I said to myself. What is it about a great looking woman sucking on something that just turns a guy nuts? She spent a minute or so sucking on the botte. Then she started to take that bottle south.
She brought it between her tits. Rubbing the rim around her nipples. First the left and then to the right. Then she began sliding the bottle in between her tits. She used her other hand to tease the nipple of the tit she wasn’t using the bottle on. Right about now she lifted her ass off the seat and began rubbing the bottle on her clit. It was all I could do not to crash my truck. She had one piece of cloth wrapped around her waist and aside from that she was totally naked. I watched as she teased herself. Then she started to fuck herself with the bottle. She didn’t give me too good a show on this part. I think she found it an awkward position to hold in that cramped car. By this time I was rock hard. I think I would have robbed a bank if she said that would get me into that pussy.
When they pulled in front of me again I had to get out on the CB “Holy shit, she was fucking herself with a bottle.” The replies this time were pretty skeptical. Most of them asked me what drugs I had taken and if I was sharing. And damn, if that car didn’t slow down again. So around I went. “This isn’t happening,” I tell myself. About this time the truck driver behind me caught a glimpse of her and I heard his comeback on the CB “Dammit drivers, he ain’t lying… and she’s gorgeous too!” As they came back up beside me I looked down.
She had gotten on her knees in the seat, her head in hi s lap and her ass up in the window. He had reached his right hand around and was fingering her pussy. This time I did hit the wake up bumps and I stayed there too. Then I almost rear-ended a white van that was moving pretty slow. (thank god for that forward looking radar in that truck).
They got in front of me again and once again they slowed. “What now?” I ask myself. There wasn’t much else they could do and still keep their car on the road. As the pulled up she was holding a cell-phone in her left hand and pointing at it with her right. A grin like a cat that got the cream splitting her face. A dozen thoughts all flashed through my mind at once. And in the space of about one second I made up my mind to talk to her. I grabbed the clipboard off my dash and a magic marker from my pen holder. I wrote down my number and held it up to the glass.
I watched my phone in anticipation. It wasn’t ringing. How come it wasn’t ringing. One minute… two minutes… “What the hell?” I thought. She wouldn’t do all that and then not call. I grabbed the clip board and checked the number. “OH FUCK!” I about shit myself. In my haste of libidinous confusion I had wrote down the number to my house in Tacoma WA. “Hope my wife isn’t home.” But a little too late for hoping. HA. I changed the number to the correct one and when they finally caught back up to me she was looking at me with a confused look and she shrugged her shoulders.
I slapped myself on the head in the universal gesture of “I’m a dumb ass,” and held up the clipboard again. This time the phone did ring.
The call proceeded something like this.
“Hello,” she said in a very sweet eastern Canadian accent, “are you driving the truck?”
“Yes ma’am, that’s me” I replied.
“What was that first number about?”
“oh hell, I’m sorry… I wasn’t thinking. That was my home number.”
“oh, well,” she answered, “the call wouldn’t go through anyway.”
Good, I thought to myself, that would have been weird.
Then she giggled and asked me “why weren’t you thinking?”
I told her “all the blood ran out of head.”
“Where did all that blood go?”
I said, “straight to my dick, believe it or not.”
She laughed at that one “So, where are you stopping tonight?” She asked.
“Well I was planning on hitting a truck stop about 20 miles up the road>”
“Would you like to get together for some drinks?”
At this time I went through that list of shit in my head again on reasons why I shouldn’t be doing any of this. But once again… she was sucking on a bottle. Damn…
“Sure,” I tell her “y’all want to head to a bar or something?”
“Oh no,” she replied “Your truck will be fine.”
Oh damn. “Sounds great, “ I tell her.
“Ok, then, we’ll just follow you into the truck stop then.”
That turned out to be a long ass 20 minute drive.

Part Two coming soon…

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5/11/2006 7:58 pm

Went bed bug hauling myself for 9 months (North American Van Lines), could not take it much more. Old truck, bounced around too much. Great story, you do see alot of strange and interesting people when your on the road. Send me part 2 like to know what happened!

rm_abutoo2 replies on 5/12/2006 12:36 am:
oh my friend... you have to wait, along with 50 other people for part 2

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