Well it's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody... or maybe I do... or maybe I don't...  

rm_abutoo2 44M
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5/20/2006 12:48 am

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5/21/2006 5:41 pm

Well it's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody... or maybe I do... or maybe I don't...

I won't be answering any new contact e-mails for the time being. It looks like I may have something starting up and I don't like having too much going on an one time.
Seems to me that whenever I try talking to every woman in the world I lose em all. It sure can be hard to make up my mind and actually find what it is I'm looking for.
There is already one that I'm wishing I had started talking to a bit earlier, lol. Oh well though, tit for tat said the mouse to the cat, the nipple's a little tough but the milk's still good. Don't ask what that is supposed to mean, lol. But I've been saying it all my life.
Is it indecisiveness that I have? or is it another infamous psychological wall? You know, keep looking for perfection. I can't even say looking for greener pastures because I haven't been laying down in any of the pastures I've been visiting. I've screwed up once and dropped my standards for a one-niter. That just pissed me off and had me re double my efforts to stay celibate for a while.
Lack-a-nookie seems to clear the brain. Keeps me out of trouble at any rate. One of the problems I am having with this lady I'm seeing is that she doesn't know about AdultFriendFinder here (xmatch). How do I tell her I'm a perv? Especially since she seems to be a bit shy and embarrassed about sex? I have to find out just how shy and embarrassed before I judge though. She could just be your typical librarian.
It cracks me up to think I had her so hot that she couldn't stand it and she tried to pretend I didn't. Please? Like I don't know why I've got my dinner ready to eat. Damn but it's fun to have a woman that I have to tease and flirt with. I'm actually having to work for it. It's making me come up with things that I don't normally think of.
Anyway, bit of a ramble this morning. I have to get to work. People will get upset if they don't have their ice cream on Saturday. Especially when the temp is going to be near 100. Hope that all the folks in Oklahoma City that made it the meet and greet had a good time.

rm_sexxielynn 52F
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5/21/2006 8:02 am

Smart idea.
Think I may use that bit of wisdom.
Deal with the one possible relationship, and stop looking down the road to see if a better one is coming.
And I agree with susie, you ain't no perv, just a guy exploring the world!

rm_abutoo2 replies on 5/21/2006 2:36 pm:
you already know if you were here I'd be all over you still think you've a perfect body

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