Happy Mother's Day  

rm_abutoo2 44M
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5/14/2006 12:48 am

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5/16/2006 1:59 am

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mom's day to all out there that fall in the mommy catagory. Hope that you have a great day and that something special has been planned for you.

On day 3 now with no nicotine. Can I do it???

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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5/14/2006 6:52 am

You can do it and thanks for the mother's day wish. Eat carrots if you want something in your mouth

Purry {=}


rm_abutoo2 replies on 5/14/2006 11:26 am:
you sick twisted thing you just want to watch a guy sucking on a carrot!!! lol

Addy19742 42F

5/14/2006 8:04 am

You are doing great! That is so hard to break. I smoke sometimes and it is hard to break the craving. It sounds like you are doing it though.

rm_abutoo2 replies on 5/14/2006 11:27 am:
thanks addy... easy does it right

toys2us 58M/58F
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5/14/2006 7:12 pm

PLEASE......... Stick with it! You will never regret making that decision. I am really proud of you, this is not an easy thing for anyone to go through. You will be a bigger person ( in all ways) for doing this! And I want to see it all... Toys2us F

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