endings (not intended for the neo conservative)  

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11/6/2005 2:52 am

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endings (not intended for the neo conservative)

all things must invarriably come to an end. whether it be till death do us part or just your date getting pissy at the movies--it has to end! and thats just realationships...

have you thought about how other things must surely come to an end? O, the glorious day that Survivor gets booted off the air! but Lo! w2hat if that day never comes? what if the world is thrown into some cataclismic disaster before we manage to ban reality TV? like some terrible made-for-tv-movie, a huge, hurricane like storm, stronger by far than anything we had ever seen before, sweeps across the entire planet and destroys civilization as we know it!? what would we call such a storm....Category 7! thats it! (although, i'd rather call it categoy 10, 'cause, common, how much stronger that a category 5 can a category 7 be?).

what if the world didn't end but our country did!? what if didn't elect a president, and then really elected him for a second term, and the whole time he lied to us and helped his really really rich buddies get really really richer, while at the same time deconstruct our bill of rights and constitution, wage war against those who are not our enemies and ignor the sufferings of national disaster victims....wait...thats happening now, isn't it?

its the end of the world, ladies, and nobdy wants to die alone, so lets end this thing with a bang, together, knee deep in cum! whaddoyasay!?

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