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9/1/2005 12:26 am

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what a fool believes

this is my open letter to the moron who placed a post on his blog titled "stupid people shouldn't breathe".

this intellectual gas bag quotes some left wing loony study that was conducted that found college educated people have sex more often and are better lovers that those that do not possess such college degrees.. he then goes onto say that the AdultFriendFinder study conflicts with the study that he quoted. i ask, "is that all it conflicts with?" here is his direct quote,

"All studies that look at factors relating to sexual practices, utility (econ-speak for "enjoyment" ) and frequency say that the more educated you are, the more sexually active and open you are (P= the roughly 300MM Americans). " "Anecdotal evidence from AdultFriendFinder conflicts with these results"

sounds like it also conflicts with any type common sense or logic. the fact that he would call into the equation any study conducted by AdultFriendFinder as conflicting with anything is about a silly as you can possible get.

to make matters worse, he then goes on to bemoan about people on here that make errors in spelling or gramar in their posts and profiles. there are other intellectual whores and snobs commenting on his blog supporting his point of view and whining about spelling and errors in grammar on the posts, the profiles and in the messages they receive from some people on here.

of course, silly me, i had the audacity to opposed his ignorant, pompus point of view.

the following was my comment to him,

"i believe academia is for the birds. most people who reside in the inner city are not college educated. some do not even have hs diplomas. a sad fact, but on the brighter side of things that is starting to change. i have worked with these people for over 15 years and i can assure you, they are quite sexually active. i once dated a latina from the bronx. she had a hs diploma, as do i and she was a great and passionate lover. i have also slept with some women that were college educated who sucked in the sack. the sex study you speak of was probably conducted by left wing loonies and sounds flawed. the problem with the intellect is, they have to take a simple human behavior such as sex and complicate it."

of course since there were no spelling errors and he could not back up his foolish claims he decided to use censorship and delete my post rather than debate me on the issue. this is the typical thinking and behavior of his ilk. due to his censorship, i have been forced to go public by placing this post on my blog.

so according to him, as if they do not have enough problems already, i guess all of those people that live in the inner cities across america shouldn't be allowed to breathe if they do not possess a college degree or should they make any errors in spelling or grammar. i guess all of the policemen, firemen, tradesmen, maintenance workers, ems techs, iron workers and construction workers that rushed to ground zero to save lives and search for survivors shouldn't be allowed to breathe either, since i'm sure most of them did not possess college degrees and i am certain many of them, heaven forbid may have even made spelling errors or have use incorrect grammar in their day to day lives.

this guy is a prick, as are all the intellectual snobs posting on his blog and agreeing with him. this self proclaimed smartest man in the world seems to think that anyone he decides is stupid makes spelling errors or dose not use correct grammar, shouldn't breathe and i would imagine therefore die from oxygen deprivation just so he dose not have to be annoyed by them. with all the tragedy going on in the world this is all this nit wit has to ponder. how sad...

IMO if stupid people should die from oxygen deprivation then he should be the first to go since he is the stupidest and most ignorant person i have ever encountered in my entire life. these intellects believe that because they possess college degrees, they can't possibly be stupid or ignorant themselves. yet all they have to do is open their traps and any human being can see that they are just idiots with college degrees. which is not to say that all people who possess college degrees are idiots.

in closing, i think he needs to be taken behind the woodshed and taught a lesson in humility and benevolence and perhaps a good kick in the ass for posterity which will hopefully instill a bit of compassion in his cold heart.

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