my two pals mickey & doreen  

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my two pals mickey & doreen

when i was in third grade i had a teacher named mrs reid who was a psycho. she used to keep boxes of 12 inch rulers in her class room. when she would get angry at the class she would beat the rulers on her desk. they were made of wood and they would sometimes break and splinter all over the place. sometimes she would come up to you and beat the ruler on your desk while brow beating you. sometimes she would do it with one of those wooden pointers. needless to say, we were all terified of her.

since i enjoy busting balls, one day i was seated in the rear, of mrs reid's class next to the radiator. mickey (a female who was a real tom boy and even used to beat up a lot of the boys) and doreen were seated two desks over from me to the right. after we were finished throwing crumpled up papers at one another, they watched as i removed a box of those really thick crayons from the cupboard which was to the rear of my desk. i then began placing the crayons onto the radiator. it was a big steam radiator and it was winter time, so the radiator was really hot. mickey and doreen, sat there egging me on, as i continued placing one crayon after the next onto the radiator. naturally all of the crayons melted and made a big mess of crayon goo all over the radiator. chucky who was seated in front of me, kept saying to us, "you guys are going to get in trouble." at the end of class chucky bolted for the door. as the rest of the kids were filing out of the classroom i suddenly i heard mrs reid yelling, "who did this!" i then heard mrs reid yelling out my name. naturally mrs reid ran over to me and detained me since i was the one seated next to the radiator. she also detained mickey and doreen, but not chucky. as she pointed toward the radiator mrs reid was yelling, did you do that! mickey and doreen looked on in terror. always quick to think on my feet, i said, "no mrs reid." "chucky did it" mickey and doreen looked at one another in astonishment. i looked at mickey and doreen and said, "right?" they said "yeah!" "it was chucky!" "chucky did it!" i even told mrs reid that i tried to make him stop but he would not listen to me.

the next day chucky came to school with a shinner. since mrs reid called his parents and chucky's father who was a maniac, belted him one. well from that day forth, evey time me, mickey and doreen ran into one another we would always have a good laugh over the crayon incident, mrs. reid and chucky. all our friends would gather round and listen to us as we told the story and get a good laugh over it too. even years later.

i have not seen doreen in over 20 years and mickey even longer. as for chucky his family moved from town after the third grade year and i never saw him again. i am certain were i to run into mickey or doreen today, the first thing we would probably reminisce about would be crayon incident. sorry chucky where ever you are.

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