more excited utterences from a crazy man  

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8/29/2005 5:32 pm

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more excited utterences from a crazy man

more posts on my blog from mr loosetooth

I have read all your previous blog entries and my opinion of you does not change. 'Ny women stink', 'another wasted day on this site' and 'I was on here before'....(which starts as a random example 'I was on here before and got nothing from it....'). Do not try and make yourself sound like the persecuted.

And do not put words into my mouth. I do not call you a loser. I do not think you are a loser. I would not berate you if you were a loser. You are intelligent but you make no effort and then blame women. Is a misogynist better or worse than a loser?

Nor do I act superior or like an intellectual whore. I am not here bigging up my success with the ladies so do not twist my words. I feel no need to get defensive about that and to throw up that smokescreen shows that you are a bully.

What you do that angers me, Abebb, is that you make no effort and then get bitter and whine and moan like a little boy, boohooing about how much time and money you waste here. Yet you do not stop coming, you do not stop disceminating your poison about women as tricksters and teasers. It just shows a bitter mind that cannot look at itself objectively or accept it could be wrong. A mind that constantly bitches and then moans about bitchers, a hypocrite.

As for not knowing Barry Goldwater, well, big in Britain was he? You got me there so I will hold my hands up.

Last word is yours man. I am off to my normal frienfinder dtomping grounds. Dress me up as you will, twist it baby, but I know that all that shit is not true. As for you good luck. I hope, for all your moaning and berating, you get laid, it can only do you some good right? I just feel sorry for the unlucky ewe that you pick out of the flock. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

my response

well thanks for the last word bill o'rielly! loll Britain? what the fuck dose a brit know about ny women? smoke screen? is rhis guy a nut or what?
he is dellusional for sure.

first off, in his blog he refers to himslef as the AdultFriendFinder correspondent. lol self appointed no doubt.

he says, i do not stop disceminating my poison about women as tricksters and teasers. eventhough in almost every one of my blogs and comment posts i use the phrase some women when expressing my gripes about them.

as for his success with the ladies? loll

i checked out his blog. most of the women responding to him are appealing to the AdultFriendFinder correspondent to tone down his rhetoric, to act like a human being and express himself civily when posting on the site.

and it also appears that some bloggers have outright banned him from posting comments on their blogs. great social skills huh.

well at least he thinks i am inteligent, but a misogynist since i refuse to conform to the feminine point of view of the world, which he so skillfully parrots throughout his blogs and comment posts.

well. i won't ban him from my blog as others have done. i am having too much fun watching him suffer as he reads my blogs and posts. as far as his blogs are concerned; from the three of them that i attempted to read before losing interest in them, it appears that all he dose is whine and cry about the lack of appreciation others have shown for this site. loll i think he should go blow his nose and get a life. laughing my ass off in yonkers ny.

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