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when i was in third grade there was chucky and steven. one day i was supposed to go to chucky's after school. chucky lived on the second floor of a 2 level garden apartment with 4 units in it. i told my mom i would not be coming home after school and mom agreed to pick me up at chucky's at 5 o'clock.

on that day, after school, i could not find chucky but i knew where he lived and i decided to walk there to see if i could find him. when i arrived at chucky's he was outside and steven was there. chucky told me that he was only allowed to have one friend over at a time and he forgot i was supposed to come there and he invited steven. i told chucky to send steven home because he invited me first and my mom was not due to pick me up until 5 o'clock. chucky said to me, "you have to go home now" i got mad and chucky and steven started to run away from me. i chased after them and they ran into the hallway of chucky's building. once inside the hallway, chucky and steven were holding the door of the building shut so i could not get in. it was a wooden door with glass panes. i was pulling on the door and pounding on the glass panes, demanding they open the door. suddenly a man came to the window. it was chucky's dad. in a deep baratone voice we heard him yell, "CHUCKY GET UP HERE!" suddenly the door of the building burst open and steven came spilling out onto the sidewalk but chucky was no where to be seen. then coming from the window of chucky's apartment we heard chucky's dad going berserk. "CHUCKY YOU SON OF A BITCH" we heard the sound of things breaking and the thumping and slapping sounds of someone being beaten. we heard chucky screaming, more thumping and slapping sounds, then everything was quiet for a moment. chucky came to the window sobbing and said, "my father says you guys have to go home now" then we heard chucky's dad yell, "CHUCKY GET AWAY FROM THAT WINDOW!" suddenly, we saw a huge hand come from the darkness of chucky's apartment and then chucky disappeared. there were more screams and more thumping and slapping sounds and things breaking. me and steven were going to run away, but we couldn't because steven left his school books in chucky's apartment and he was too scared to go up there and get them.

after the beating stopped, me and steven sat across the street from chucky's for two hours, staring at the window and waiting for my mom to come. when my mom arrived, we told her what had happened. my mom knocked on chucky's door and got steven's books for him. my mom then drove steven home and explained to his mom what happened with chucky. my mom told me that i could not go to chucky's anymore. steven's mom told him the same.

after the beating on elm street, chucky was absent from school for a week. when he finally came back to school, he still had bruises on his body and a fading black eye. he said, "you guys got me in trouble" me and steven just laughed and made fun of him. we would mimic chucky's dad in a baratone voice, "Chucky get up here!" then in a squeaky voice imitate chucky "ou ouch ou ouch" "help" "you guys have to go home now" "aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" we would go, "eeeeeehehehehehe" and we would make sniffing noises imitating chucky crying.

everytime when me steven, doreen and mickey (who was a female and a tomboy who used even beat up some of the boys) would hang out together, we would trade chcuky stories. we would all laugh and make fun of chucky. it seemed some how or another the four of us were alway getting chucky into some kind of trouble which usually resulted in chucky's dad giving him a severe beating and then us making fun of chucky afterwards.

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