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Escort verses Girlfriend/Wife/Dating

this blog is about the advantages/disadvantages of visiting an escort(code word for prostitute) verses the advantages/disadvantages of dating/relationship etc. as usual comments one way or the other are welcome. This blog is just my opinion and thoughts on the matter, so please do not take this blog personally.

One of the advantages of an escort is the abundance of looks, style, age, race and body types you can chose from = having sex with a different type of woman each time or on a whim. Of course, the disadvantage is the negative effect of social conditioning that has been placed upon males who visit escorts by society and of course women who see this type of behavior as threatening to the power they hold over men through sex or the promise thereof. Plus there can be legal ramifications since prostitution is illegal in most western societies. And of course, there is a fee involved.

Of course the disadvantages of dating/relationship is the fact that you are at a woman's mercy every step of the way. You may be attracted to that sweet looking asian girl, but she may not give you the time of day, much less a date. So that means you are being chosen rather than doing the choosing and once the choice is made, you are stuck with it for the evening, the decade or even eternity. Oh yes, you can always cheat, but there are consequences for that should you get caught.

Of course the advantages of dating/relationship are if you happen to be the quintessential alpha male or good looking or just good at picking up women, you can find an abundance of women at any night club, bar or any other venue that attracts people for social interaction. Now of course any guy knows that an evening out attempting to pick up women can be quite tedious. Even if you are good at it, it involves a lot of work, some patience and at times a massive set of balls and you may end up not scoring and if you do score you may think you are getting it for free, but are you really. Not quite, if you think about all of the money you spend to keep up you appearance, those cool raybands, fancy slacks and all of the work you have put into scoring for the evening. Of course if you are in a relationship with one woman, you have a woman available to you most times, but we will not even get into the price you pay for that luxury.

So disadvantages of an escort you will probably end up paying upwards of 200 $ an hour, unless you want to go to a streetwalker which is not such a good idea. 200 or better an hour may sound like a hefty price but two or three nights on the town attempting to pick up women can easily cost 200 or better, plus you may not score with her on the first night, which means a date which can cost 200 or better without the guarantee of getting laid. Of course i am not even going to get into the financial cost of a long term relationship or marriage can run, but i would suspect you can visit an escort at least 2 x's a month, definitely get laid and with a different woman each time, a woman you get to choose according to looks, race, body type etc and of course once you do the deed, you will not have to bother with her ever again, unless you want to. Of course with an escort you are limited to what you can do or should i say should or should not do. I would not advise kissing an escort or eating an escort or rimming an escort. So if that is your thing and you can not live without it, then you will either have to chance the risk or take the path most traveled and try meeting a woman, getting to know her and having some level of trust with her to at least have an idea of where her mouth and genitals have been.

Now i know a lot of pro doms do not view themselves as being escorts but for the purpose of this blog i am including them. As far as i am concerned if you are charging a fee to provide some kind of kink or sexual gratification and or sex act, you are an escort. If some guy is blowing a load in his pants while he is being beaten by a woman and she is charging a fee for that service, to me that is a form of sexual gratification but enough said. Anyway, as for the advantages of a pro dom, lots of them will do things that most non- pros would not do. scat, piss, needles through your cock and sack and for an extra few bucks will provide a male participant for forced bi sessions. This extra male is usually one of the pro doms real time slaves or can also be a male escort. The disadvantages of a pro dom are much of the same as the disadvantages of the escort, as are the advantages body type, race etc. As for the disadvantages of the non-pro dom, most that i have seen posting seem to be more interested in finding a guy to do their running around, help pay their bills, do chores, errands, housework, be an all around yes dear man and pretty much expect the male to actually be a real time servant and some of the non-pros make it clear that they will not entertain any of the male's kinks. Sounds an awful lot like marage to me. I can't see much advantage in it, but to each their own. It seems like the pro dom would be to your advantage should you not be seeking 24/7 arrangement or relationship type of deal. But if you are willing to work very hard, i am certain you may find a woman that would dominate you as part of a relationship without expecting full time subservience from you. I would suggest to try finding such a woman through the regular dating venue. After a few dates with the woman or heaven forbid should you get that far, sex with her a few times and you begin to have those talks about past sexual experiences or past relationships try bringing up your desire to be dominated. There are a lot of women out there that are open to the idea of it, but they have not actively sought it out or had it offered to them. If you need this as part of your sexual diet, it is as important as any other aspect of choosing a partner. If she is not into it, then the two of you are not sexually compatible and it is best to move on to finding a partner who is into dominating you in the bedroom which is where most guys seem to want it. It sounds like an awful lot of work! If all you are seeking is the physical aspects of being dominated you have three choices, pro dom , no dom or get into a relationship with a woman who would be open to exploring the d/s with you as part of your sexual diet as a couple. From my experiences however, i find most women to be interested in playing the sub role. So rots a ruck to ya charlie. If you think the pro dom is your only option, then break down and spend the dough. You will be saving money, time and an awful lot of disappointment in the long run. .

Of course one of the big disadvantages of visiting an escort is the fact that you will be technically engaging in illegal activity. This is one reason, besides the obvious, why you should not patronize street walkers since this increases your chance of arrest. Ouitcall through an escort agency or independent escort is the best way to avoid entanglement with law enforcement since from what i have been told, they can not send an undercover officer into your home posing as an escort. If outcall is not possible, then the incall at the escort agency or independent's home is the next best bet. Most agencies either pay hefty bribes or know the ropes well enough to avoid police investigation, raids and so forth. If you decide to deal with an independent, for the first time out, make it a regular date, with no sex. talk to her, see where her head is at. Most escorts are happy to do a date with no sex, but will expect to be paid for their time just the same. it is easy money for them, they get to know you a little bit too and they do not have to do sex. If she is pressuring you to do sex, she may be a cop. Cops like the short term bust and will try to get you to agree to sex right away at the time of the money exchange so they can collar you up and move onto the next guy. Not having sex on the first date with the independent may cost you a few dollars but you will be safer in the long run. Also there are clubs on the internet that list escorts that have been verified. These sites generally allow their members to posts on the site, rating the escorts listed on the site that they have visited.

Of course some will argue about the disease factor associated with escorts. Most reputable escorts and i use that term loosely, require use a condom which is more than i can say for some of the non-escort load swallowers that i have encountered in clubs and bars. One time i caught a bj from a girl who was waiting for her boyfriend who she could't stand, but for some reason that only she could comprehend, she was still with him. I will never forget the chuckle i had when he came into the bar and she gave him a kiss on the mouth about 20 minutes after blowing me. Lol The bottom line, if you visit an escort, she will most likely insist you play safe and if she doesn't you had better.

I can sit here all day going through the advantages of dating/ ltr verses escort or visa versa. Personally i am beginning to lead toward escort. I refer to it as empowering myself. Being the chooser, rather than the choosie. Being able to dump my proverbial load as they say, then go on my merry way. No more conversations, discussing the relationship, no expensive weekends away, unless i am spending the money on myself. No more sitting through boring conversations revolving around her exploits with other guys, just so i can have my turn at the trough. Just pick em, drop down the cash, fuck em a go. My choice, busty, athletic, blond, brunette, black today, asian tomorrow, latina the next day. Yeah sure it will cost me a few bucks, but much less in money and aggravation then dating or ltr is going to cost me. Not very romantic, but romance is for women and writers of trashy novels. Of course this is all talk. I have never visited an escort before, but after visiting this site and seeing the mentality of some women on here, put that together with my personal experiences with dating and LTR'S, it sure seems like they way to go. It is saturday night. For $200.00 bucks i can have a girl of my choice sent over to my home, get laid, then still make it to the bar and have a few cold ones with my pals without having to waste my precious time in idle non sensible conversation trying to impress the ever demanding and selective female of the species just to get laid or worse, end up like pee wee herman.

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