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8/19/2005 10:57 am

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i have been hearing a lot of complaints on here from those who choose to post and send their photos concerning those of who choose not to. well again it only goes to show my opinion about people on here, for the most part are self centered, disrespectful and arrogant and not very bright is a correct opinion. for the unenlightened photo posters and senders this is for you.

i can't fathom why anyone would send their photo to a total stranger via a website like this. i can't figure out why a person would put photos of themselves on a website like this for the world to see. i guess some people have nothing in life but this site. others have good reasons for not sending or posting pics. first off, why would i want to put all of my intimate thoughts and fetishes out there for the world to see, along with a photo of myself. not everybody i deal with in my day to day life will accept or understand my fetishes. we live in a very judgmental society and hippocracay is rampant. how do i know my employer, my business associates or my companies clients will accept my desires or want a guy like me around the office or want to do business with me because of my fetishes and desires. this is especially true for women. ladies do you really want to be harrassed by the office creep who happened upon this site, saw your pics and read your most intimate desires. is posting a pic on here worth losing a job or an important business proposal? why so a person i do not even know and may never talk with or meet and who might not even return my e mail can see what i look like so that they do not have to waste their precious time responding to me or heaven help, meeting with me. since i primarily seek out people within 10 miles or so of my zip code area, i see nothing wrong with two adults who may have a common interest meeting locally over a cup of coffee. if they are not physically attracted to one another they can go their separate ways. whats the big deal. it was done that way for decades before the Internet was invented. how do you know that the person you are sending you photo to is actually who they say they are. that gorgeous female you are mailing on here, requesting your cock pic can actually be some gay guy building a portfolio for his gay website. not homophobic you say. well neither am i, but plenty of people i come into contact with that are necessary to my financial survival are and i would not appreciate my pics showing up on that sort of site. i even happened upon a website of an escort service that had pics of some women i have seen on this site and i know those women are not escorts. their pics were taken from this site and placed on the escort site to attract men to the site. the bottom line is, you do not know who is viewing this site or what kind of scam they may be up to or for what their intentions are for the photos you are sending. if you are a female posting on here, do you really want your nudes passed around the water cooler by the company asshole who may have happened upon this site. do you really want your boss to be thinking of those nudes he saw of you on here, during that conversation each morning in his office. as a guy, do you really want your friends, family members, neighbors or co workers knowing that you like to dress up like a cheerleader and get spanked by mommy. remember, all of those people have fetishes too and may be down right pervs who anonymously visit this site, but will never admit it or worse judge you for your fetishes, even though theirs are even more bizarre that yours, but of course they will never admit that when they are telling everyone about how weird you are. personally, i would not put my photo up on here because who's to say what can be done with it. somebody can use your photo for their greeting on another site. that person may be an asshole that will give you a bad rep all over the net or even a kiddie porn perv posting their filth while using your pic. or maybe that single female on here is not single after all and when her husband finds your picture, i would not want to be in your shoes. very easy for a private eye to figure out who you are. just post an ad with a good looking girl, express an interest in meeting you, set up a date, the pi i will already have you pic and be able to id you when you show up and keep you under surveillance, maybe even follow you to your job, to your home, or get your license plate # and savy criminals can do the same. the bottom line is you do not know who you are dealing with on here or who you are sending your photo to. so if you do not care about any of this then go ahead and post your photo but please show a little respect to those of us who are a bit more on the ball and choose not to post photos on here or send them to persons unknown. we have our reasons and that's the big deal..

Christinegirl126 54F

8/19/2005 11:16 am

THANK YOU....I am SO glad that someone else has a brain on this site. I would never post a pic here....or any other place on the internet for that matter. Its not practical or safe. Thanks for your blog.

Shoot2Thrill43 54M

8/19/2005 6:53 pm

First, thanks for your response to my blog the other day. Great stuff - Now to your topic. The thing I've always said about pictures is that they all lie. Sometimes the lie for the good. Sometimes for the bad. I went out with one girl whoes picture was awesome, but unfortunately in really life she didn't click. And then I was lucky enough one time to meet a girl whoes bueaty couldn't be captured by a camera.

So I never put a lot of stock in photos. I perfer to wait for a face to face evaluation.

So if you chose not to post a pick - I say fine. I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want to.


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