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rm__steph_2006 30F
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4/14/2006 11:26 pm

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12/3/2006 12:04 am

I was just thinking

I was looking around at other peoples blogs and stuff and most of them write about sex and stuff. I guess thats what most people on here want to read about its probably more exciting than my everyday life. Well I will try to spice things up a little but I'm still going to tell you how my life is whether you like it or not sorry. I don't know how to make my life sound sexy because its not really. Not yet anyways. I think my next post is going to be titled My Wet Pussy that way everyone will be like oh fuck I want to read that and then when they get in here its just me talking about my day lol. Anyway I hope no one actually reads this because they are going to think I'm boring and weird

bigknob1958 53M

4/15/2006 4:08 am

visit my blog and get voting in the 'get purry nude' campaign;leave a comment.purry has said she will show all if we get 100 comments...thank you.

SirMounts 102M

4/15/2006 5:19 am

Oh, I won't think you're boring and weird. And while I do look forward to your next, sexy post... you can really write about anything and everything on here. I know I do. *winking* lol

rm_poleforlick 51M

4/15/2006 5:59 am

Never mind him steph, unless you've been on Purry's blog.

Tell us about everything. A sexual angle isn't always necessary. It's fun to hear about your sexual thoughts and sometimes I think some of us (like me) need to do that because we so infrequently talk sex everyday.

Make your blog what you want it to be

rm_cru1972 44M
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4/15/2006 7:14 am

I agree w/ pole, make it about what you want. Try some basement bloggin most people start just like you, until they find their niche.
Welcome to Blogville

jakblack36 48M

4/15/2006 12:54 pm

Your blog should reflect whatever the hell you want it too. My blog is mostly political, but then there are days like today I posted a song and bumper sticker sayings. Welcome to blogland

Fletch8491 50M

4/17/2006 10:11 am

Hey, don't worry about what people think about you, especially on this site. Just be yourself, that is probably more interesting to most of us anyway. Welcome to blogland and to Chicago as well. Drop me a line if you need anything.

BigSexxxy693 45M
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4/17/2006 7:56 pm

I couldn't agree more with all these gentleman Steph. I hope you will feel free to write whatever you want, it's your blog. Welcome to Chicago as well, hope you find what you're looking for here. Looking forward to reading more from you Steph!!

Da Big Fella

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