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8/15/2005 5:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

so transparent

I find it amazing that folks can be so obvious in their attempt to disrupt things and cause turmoil.

I peeked in neg this am, pretty quiet, postings are far and few between. But, yet again, one of the T's posts to instigate. Is it only obvious to me? I wonder. MrT posts, "now some have stopped posting this group is at peace even tho they continue to bash the moderator elsewhere." Can no one but me see that it was MsT who began the latest dissention by posting her "another one disappears thread." Funny, it goes on and on but its instigated by so few. Then they sit back and watch the show and proclaim their desire for peace. Give me a break!!

An intelligent and respectful conversation began with a thread by LilRed entitled" gossip. " No one bashed or called names, simply voiced opinions. Yet MsT posts in another thread that she doesnt go into that thread cuz its the "same ol shit."

I don't feel the need to defend myself but i do so appreciate this forum, where i can set the record straight, for my own satisfaction. Seeing my thoughts in print, with no fear of skewing or misinterpreting is cathartic.

I havnt seen any bashing of the moderator elsewhere and i hope i don't. To suggest that seems pretty immature to me. But then again, why should it be any different from much of what i've seen lately.

Anyway, a busy day ahead! Song is coming up to help as i have to be ready to move very soon. I'm taking this opportunity to "downsize" and have made a pact with myself to take only that which i actually need. Amazing how much is accumulated!!

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