The Move from Hell  

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8/22/2005 11:11 am

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The Move from Hell

I had attended meet and greets thru AdultFriendFinder and met many wonderful friends.

One person that i had not met, but knew thru another friend, came to NC and helped move us to VaBeach where he literally gave us his home for a week! The Friend who introduced me to him, HDLady, flew to VaBeach to support me. I am forever graeful to her.

One gal that i met and became very close to made a suggestion to me that could be beneficial to both of us.

She had a handicapped daughter and a young son. She suggested that we combine forces to create a better life for all our children.

She assured me that she had a nice three bedroom home and a full basement that could be converted into living space for the boys. They could have privacy, their own rooms , it wouldnt take much there was nothing in the basement so renovations could begin.

So, after a week in VaBeach my kids, two dogs and all our belongings headed to Maryland not all that much since the housefire back in NH} in caravan with the friend we were gonna live with.

When we arrived I was amazed! I had never seen so many condos in one place in my life!! I'm from a rather rural state after all, and had lived on a Island for a year. Row upon row of townhouses and condos and we pulled up to one.

OMG when that door opened!! I have never seen such a filthy place in all of my life!! Two large dogs defecating all over, toys, clothes, junk in every concievable corner! The two kids were there along with a grown son who was also living there. When we opened the basement door, that wonderful space that the boys were going to make their "batchelor pad" you couldnt even negotiate the stairs cuz of the clothes and trash piled up. My kids looked at me in horror!

I should have kept right on driving. I have no one to blame but myself for that. In 1999 and 2000 I had had heart attacks and I wasnt the strongest physically or emotionally but i was an optimist. I stayed.

This lady didnt have a cent and the cupboards were bare. I was in the same position except that my friends had given me a card with money in it. For a new beginning they said *S* We used this for food for seven people until a paycheck came in. A wonderful and respected friend drove down from Philly within a few days to help make this place habitable. We spent hours upon hours, the four of us {my kids and my Philly friend and I} carting out trash, scrubbing, scraping. One of my sons designated himself laundry man. There were clothes piled three feet deep in the basement. Instead of washing i guess the family just bought new stuff. He washed and washed, load after load. It didnt do much good however, he would fold it and take it to the bedrooms only to find the same clothes on the floor a few days later. I was so grateful to my Philly friend. Not only did he help me but he was witness to the horror and could attest to it when the story unfolded.

I was, at the time, receiving widow and survivor benefits from my husbands social security. I figured when the first of the following month came and i had the funds, the kids and I would head home to New Hampshire. We had to stick it out till then. A month of Hell that culminated in drama that , looking back, I wonder how i survived it.

The grown son of the woman i had trusted was an alcoholic. he didnt drive, worked at a menial job when he felt like it, and was violent. One night a situation escalated and he violently pushed me . When he put his hands on me all the stress building up in one of my sons for so long erupted. He and the older guy {son was 16 albeit a BIG 16, the other guy was 21 and not small} started fighting and it resulted in the older guy with a broken nose. The police were called, the older guys girlfriend who was there and was as bad as the rest of these people, threatened to tell the police that my boy had sexually assaulted her. {She was an adult as well}. I told the police that i was going to leave the house that night. Knowing the family who lived there from previous run ins {the neighbors complained all the time about the smell, the violence and the neglect of the handicapped girl} agreed that we could.

There we were. We packed what we could, gave away lots of stuff to the neighbors rather than leave it there and left. My social security checks were stolen, which is what began the fight. i had sixty dollars in my pocket and car packed to the ceiling, two kids jammed in with two little dogs and pouring down rain. I hit 95 north and started driving. I dont think i took a breath till we hit the Deleware border. My kids couldnt move they were so packed in. I drove straight through, all night, ten hours till we got home to New Hampshire. I figured if i could do that, I could do anything!!

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8/22/2005 11:45 am

If you survived all that Reality, then you can survive the move this week!! This is a GOOD move!! *S*

If you are strong and push through the pain and the fear, you often find that happiness is waiting for you on the other side.

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