Once in awhile  

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10/8/2005 5:11 am

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Once in awhile

I love a rainy day!! I wish it was just a little bit colder as that lends to that cozy feeling you get when inside looking out!

I'll make a pot of homemade soup today , play my music and clean the apartment. Rainy day activities!

A pigeon visited my balcony yesterday. I'm ten floors up and often i see birds flying below me. This traveler perched on my railing for awhile and i stood not a foot away from him while he rested and watched me. I saw the band on his leg and realized that this was no ordinary pigeon. He knew where he was going and after a brief stopover to rest or get his bearings off he went. A little thing, but one that gave me pleasure.

I have been watching a spider, again on the balcony railing. I have a difficult time with spider webs, ever since reading "Charlottes Web. I cant seem to sweep them away. The intricacy of their work fascinates me. This web was between the vertical slats , big, complex, unique. This morning its gone. Every vestige of it, I wonder, prolly the wind but it has survived wind before. Maybe the pigeon!!

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