Its over!  

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10/15/2005 5:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Its over!

The blog i refered a day or so ago was resuurected for one last gasp and now its been deleted by AdultFriendFinder along with its author.

That last entry was painful to read and the fact that 80 or so Affers read it before its deletion means that this will not end. There will be more behind the scenes crucifixions, more gossip and i suspect some beating of chests in glee.

Its truly sad that this online life takes on such a dark side. I have received emails concerning my statements here and the side i'm on. I've made it perfectly clear that i am on no ones side. None of this darkness has anything to do with me, nor do i know whats true and not true. More to the point, i dont care. I made my feelings known here as to the blog in question, the many good points and the fact that we as adults should be able to make our points without castigation.

Do i think some of the posts in said blog were dark? Of course I do. Some of the answers were as well. Do I take as gospel things said, no, i wasnt there, i have no idea. That goes for author and responders alike. Who knows, this was all a war of words between two or three people. No one was innocent. The target in this debacle told me himself, that his mission was to make "her" life miserable. I hope now, everyone is satisfied with his/her role and can close the book.

I see that involved parties have visited here so let me give you some unsolicited advice.

Let this all drop!! Nothing can be gained by continuing with the gossip etc. Its over if you allow it to be over.

One last bit of food for thought. You don't like what i say here? Here's a thought, don't come here!!!!!

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