Its begun already  

rm__Reality_ 105F
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8/10/2005 6:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Its begun already

I woke up this am to discover that my blog has become an extension of the NEG group.

I began this thing a long time ago and never posted in it, i really felt that it would be a private place as most must have given up after seeing blank pages for so long.

It will not be reduced to that however, i have control here, and i will exercise it!

My feelings toward Journey are ones of disbelief and sadness and i need to vent them so I can get past them. I loved her, loved her like a "Sis" and i'm sad and disillusioned by her actions. I'm allowed.

I have not, and i will not expose things that can only hurt her and others, but i will express my feelings here and no one is going to intimidate me into anything less.

When are people going to figure out that one can see things for what they are, voice an opinion on subjects and do it without making a personal judgement on someone.

Anything i write in here concerns Journey as a moderator and a chatter, not as a human being! My friendship with her evolved here and it ends here. Her character outside the walls of AdultFriendFinder is not in question, I dont know her well enough outside this venue, therefore I base my feelings on what goes on here, nowhere else

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