Its a sad day  

rm__Reality_ 105F
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10/13/2005 4:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Its a sad day

This morning is different. My usual routine has been interrupted. A blog I visited every morning is no longer there.

It was a wonderful blog! So many good things to share, sigh.

Yes, there was a dark side that involved another affer. It was a nasty exchange of insults and accusations but looking beyond that, it was a well written, interesting peek into anothers life. One i enjoyed very much

Several times throughout the years I found myself leaving the keyboard in tears because of hurtful words. I took it all so seriously! Several times I was attacked verbally by someone whom I've never met. Then, after my heart attack, i had an epiphany. Firstly, i discovered how many true friends i have and secondly i finally knew what Ricky was talking about. Its all just words on a screen!!

When folks are friends outside this venue it seems to me that they take their differences to another place. Song and I are best friends. We surely have differences of opinion and often voice them in group or here. But the serious stuff, and trust that there has been serious stuff, is worked out privately as it should be between any two people who are close. WE've had some knock down and drag em out fights!! They arent for anyone elses amusement, they're between us and thankfully, cuz we respect and love one another, they are resolved. Not always cuz one of us "wins" or changes the others mind but cuz we talk it out and let it go. Sometimes we agree to disagree, thats life!!!

I'm not taking sides in the "fight" that caused this blogger to close her diary. I am, however, defending her right to put to print, in her own personal blog, anything she chooses to. These are diaries, and just like those diaries we had as kids,, with the little lock and key, things are said that can hurt, incite and anger. Yes, this is public. The choices we have are many. We can choose not to visit and read a blog, we can answer and call into question anything we choose to. The blogger also has options. We can delete any post we want to, we can delete and ban any contributer at any time. We are in control unlike a group post where a moderator sets the tone and pace and where fights are controlled.

My point here is, a blog is cathartic. Its a place to save ourselves if we find that necessary. I find it sad that anyone would feel so under siege that they would choose to give this opportunity up.

rm__Reality_ 105F
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10/14/2005 1:10 pm

I think i made it clear as to what parts of that blog I enjoyed reading. The controversy is not mine to deal with.

I was and still defend the right of anyone who chooses to keep a blog. I defend just one blog for its content, this one!

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