I truly have other things to talk about, this is it  

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11/22/2005 4:22 am

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I truly have other things to talk about, this is it

"anwer me this riddle
why it's ok to belittle
in your blog some poor joe
but in a message board, no
seems like a hypocritical piddle"

"There once was a woman who loved blogging
The drama in her life she enjoyed logging
She could whine about those who were mean
How dare they insult the A.F.F. queen!
Stroke by stroke her victims she'll keep on dogging"

These two "limericks" appeared in the "People" group along with many others. Since they are aimed at me and i do hope the author doesnt try to hide behind the "i named no one card" again. It doesnt work and it makes you look ridiculous.

I'll answer the "riddle" here. It is not ok to belittle. Never!! Anywhere! Anytime!! and i challenge you to show where i have belittled anyone.

I do like to blog. Many do. If i were prone to whine, i would go to the chatroom and whine there where folks have to watch. I do not consider chronicling ones life, trials and tribulations, successes and happiness whining. Blogging is personal, not many read mine and thats a good thing. I do not write to entertain the masses

Several months ago, Brooklynct2003 took exception to something in the "People" group, I cant remember what. He used his blog to tear down the group, the moderator and myself, the co moderator. That blog is now gone, for a self serving reason but i find it hypocritical that he now chastises me.

I choose to express my feelings here rather than in group or chat for a very simple reason. These are my thoughts!!!!! I do not feel that I need to bore folks in chat or group nor do i have a need for attention as many do. My blog is read by a few, group is read by many. Seems logical to me.

When Song and I engaged in the "battle of limericks", we honestly did so with humor in mind. We countered every personal insult with laughs. When "Vinnie" called us hens we clucked at him, when he called us cows we responded with "moo moo." Awhile ago,when we were dubbed "Hags" we decided that meant Happy,Attractive,Gorgeous,Smart" I suppose that when folks call names and it doesnt get to the target, it makes em mad, well, too bad. Song and I laugh, its funny. Come on! namecalling went out with elementary school!! We laugh at "Drama Queen," we laughed at "Realityisabitch" and we roared at "Schlongbird," were we supposed to get upset? Please!!!

If i'm not mistaken, I have talked about negative feelings toward a grand total of three affers throughout the life of this blog. I hardly think that qualifies as "dogging victims." Do i regret doing so, of course not. I didnt ask anyone to make a decision about these folks based on what i write, nor do i "im" about them, spreading gossip and venom to others in an attempt to get them to "take sides." I needed to express my feelings for myself, period.

MissB im'd me yesterday. She mentioned that I was stronger than she because I am weathering this "Vinnie" storm while she chose to leave rather than continue the war with him. She read my blog, sees that I think they were both wrong to engage in such an enchange of venom, yet she accepts my opinion without rancor. Its my opinion, subject to no one's approval, she's adult enough to know that, "Vinnie" isnt, bottom line.

I finally decided to stop engaging with "Vinnie" when he chose to belittle my blog and my "sad life." I tried to block him from reading this but I guess that isnt a feature here. He continues to spew in group, backtracking, saying his words were taken out of context, trying to place blame on others. No matter, he'll run out of steam soon.

In the meantime let me assure you Vinnie. I do not consider myself the "Queen" of anything. I post in one group, my own group. I chat , not nearly as much as i used to. I attend few meets, I im with a few people, and I have a lot of good friends met thru this medium. I am honest, perhaps to a fault. Why? because I'm a saint? not hardly! Because I learned the hard way that honesty will serve one well. I have openly admitted to my own duplicity, its in the past and not worth repeating. Am i going to change, be forced into silence, slink away cuz you beat me down. Don't count on it. I've been a target before and I, no doubt, will be again, I've been in AdultFriendFinder since 1999 and took the name Reality a few years later. Since then I have had that handle, have continued with it even when attacked by "Winky" who was, trust me, a formidable warrior, making you look tame, lol. I didnt change my name, didnt hide and don't plan on doing so now. I trust that if i remain honest, open and forthright I will continue to please the one person i must answer to, Myself!!!

In the meantime "Vinnie" continues to flood the limerick thread with his lame lines. Oh well, he thinks he's good, thats all that counts, lol

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