I find things so difficult to deal with at times  

rm__Reality_ 105F
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8/9/2005 6:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I find things so difficult to deal with at times

Today when i read the groups, especially the New England Group i found myself wondering why?

Journey and I were once friends, close friends, or so i thought.

I cannot understand wny she manipulates things behind the scenes only to have someone else do what she seems incapable of doing. Standing up for what she believes in, and taking responsibility for her own actions.

Today was Song's turn. I watched while Journey calmly posted her innocence while Dreamer took up the banner and rode to her defense. It has to be a need that she {Journey} has that makes her do the things she does, some need for approval or acceptance. But I do not understand why she feels that manipulation is the only way.

Recently i had an occasion to email her with a problem that was between us. I respected her enough to do this privately, and what did she do but refrain from replying to me and airing the email in public. She then took this private disagreement to IM trying to manipulate mutual friends. Why? What makes someone feel that all consuming need for control?

Over the last several months Journey has made her feelings about songbird very clear to me via IM. She's blamed Song for many things including coming between us. She has taken offense at any and all criticism when that criticism was not about her but about her ability to moderate a group. Even there she manipulates, leaving posts that will enrage only to say please, please, we're all about fun. Its very clever really. So many think of Journey as a peacemaker, a sweet innocent. She works that very well in public, but in private, well its a very different matter. None of this angers me, just fills me with a great sadness.

I'm very tired of all the drama involved in the NEG group. Its petty and frustrating when you cant get a point across without fighting. I have been accused of things i wouldnt even consider doing, but lately, i've lost interest in replying. Its all so not worth it and futile cuz the ones bent on making remarks will do so, no matter how reasonable or coherent you try to be. Actually, tho there is no love lost between us, I find that Blondies posts are often clear, truthful and to the point but even if i said that someone would find fault with my post!!

I dunno. Usually i'm up for a good debate. I relish being disagreed with and enjoy the exhange of ideas. Lately, i've become weary of this whole thing. I think i need a break. I have basically taken a break from chat, except early am's and i think a much needed respite is required where groups are concerned.

I'll use this medium to express my feelings and ideas. I'll continue to post in the People of New England....Speak group because its fun and interesting and partly mine! I truly hope that i can keep my resolve to focus on just that and maybe a quick visit into chat in the am. I need to rest and restore my sense of humor. My life is hard enough without adding to it with drama.

passion8dreamer 51M

8/9/2005 10:49 pm

Reality, I didn't even talk to Journey before my posting to NEG. I admitt that sometimes I do, simply to make sure my words are acceptable to guildelines of the group, but this time it was late and I was infuffiation by the blatant lies and disreguard for anothers persons feelings by your pal Songbird. I used her own post to point out her hipocracy. I do not appreciate you calling me and my words into question publicly either. Wether it is here or elsewhere, if you wish to make mention of me ... I will thank you to give me the heads up to make a response.

rm__Reality_ 105F
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8/10/2005 5:45 am

This is a blog. a place to write ones thoughts. I have been written about in other peoples blogs and I will continue to write whatever I choose to in mine. I've had this blog open for months yet ever wrote in it. Amazing how you found it so fast!

I am grieving the loss of a friend, my words are my feelings put to paper. They are sad words not attacking words, so i thank you to leave any attacks on anyone out of here. I will comment on your pointing out Songs hipocracy point by point. Just cuz you did it, doesnt make it so. I hope you remember that.

Censorship doesnt reach into blogs last i checked. Please tilt at windmills elsewhere, and leave my thoughts and my blog alone

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