Happy Thanksgiving  

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11/21/2005 5:40 am

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Happy Thanksgiving

I have two thanksgivings this year. Tonight will be for my kids and Thursday for friends . Zach and Molly will be here both days altho Molly has to work for awhile on Thursday.

We're celebrating tonight because my redheaded son will be paying his debt to society beginning Wednesday and going on till after Christmas. I hope it teaches him something, but i'm afraid it wont.

On 4/20 there were rumors of a shoot out that would occur at two Manchester schools. Supposedly the fight was between students, the straight kids and those who are members of a cult heavy metal band "Insane Clown Posse"

This band sings about rebellion and nonconformity and the followers treat it as a "religion" So, on that mornin, Nate painted his face in the "ICP" style and donned the clothes, this was in solidarity with other members, he had no intentions of shooting up the school, had no weapons but still. When the school saw these folks hanging around outside they called the police and from there things went downhill. Nate and his friends were stopped, they searched his backpack, found weed packaged to sell and arrested him on possession with intent, within a school zone.

After months of negotiation his plea bargain has reduced the charges to simple possession and involves 60 days in jail. I wonder if he has any idea how very lucky he is. Just being within a school zone could have gotten him a long sentence.

No Mother wishes to see her child "do time" but as they say, do the crime, do the time.

I have always been open with my boys, they know how i feel about weed. I believe it should be legalized, but fact is, it isnt!! And frankly, after seeing the make up and clothes he was wearing, i believe the charges should have been "guilty by reason of being an idiot"

Unfortunately, he made the website as an "Insane clown Posse" cult hero. He's more commited than ever.

We all rebelled against society during our teen years, he's 19, maybe it'll end soon.

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