Happy Birthday Mom  

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10/7/2005 5:02 am

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Happy Birthday Mom

My Mother turned 80 this week. She is a truly remarkable woman.

As a young girl growing up she was a beauty! A popular basketball player {hence a nick that followed her thru life{ "Flip"}and a wonderful dancer! She met a young handsome sailor {My Father} and looked forward to a life of excitement and adventure!

In 1950 she was a young wife, in love with the man {my Father} that she had married just five years earlier after eloping to join her serviceman serving in WW11. As she tells it, she awoke one morning with pain in her legs. My Father rubbed them {the worst thing you can do} until it was realized that something dreadful was wrong. When she arrived at the hospital she was paralyzed from the neck down. She lay in the hospital bed, in isolation, unable to move while she listened to the nurses arguing which would have to care for her. {They were afraid of contagion, most were young Mothers themselves. Little by little in what seems like the makings for a TV movie of the week, she started to regain movement. First her little finger which she kept secret until she could move her upper body

I never knew my Mom in any other way. She couldnt walk like other Moms, that was a fact of life. As a youngster i, at times, resented it. As if she chose to be in a chair. I told my Grandmother once that I was mad a Mom cuz my poor Nanny had to walk while Mom could ride in a chair with wheels!!

B ack then, there were no agencies to help. She improvised. Her babies were put in slings that she hoisted from crib to floor with her strong arms. There she changed diapers. Her wash was rolled in front of her to the back steps where she would lower it down to the ground followed by lowering herself down the steps and back in the chair to go to the clothesline.

The dream ended for my parents and Mom was left with three young kids to raise alone. She mastered walking to a degree by then. She could negotiate from one solid surface to another if the distance was short. She drove. She had a small carpet covered block of wood that she placed between the gas and brake pedal. She rested her feet on that and from that position, moved her toes between the pedals. I still remember that little woman in her big ol Chrysler New Yorker! She went to work when we were older, at a bank in Nashua. Except for a little help parking the car, she held her own.

My Mom dated. I guess I didn’t equate it to dating back then but that’s what it was. Nothing held her down. She rode as a passenger on motorcycles, took rides in small planes, swam and baked the best tollhouse cookies in the world!!

There was a second marriage and Mom and her new husband enjoyed the finer things in life for many years. They traveled, bought homes and for a lot of years were very happy. They ended up in Florida where they had a condo on the ocean. He died a few years later.

She continued to live in Fla and with just a little help from friends managed to fill her life. Post polio syndrome had put her back in a chair by then. She had a scooter, and wow, it was hard keeping up with her!!!

A stroke ended that. My brothers made the decision that she could no longer live alone and a few years ago she sold her home and moved into a beautiful assisted living facility here in town where she resides today

Mom is still active and bright , her mind is sharp as is her tongue a lot of the time!! She still has the ability to reduce me to a scolded little girl!!

I think back over the years and what she overcame. Its amazing!! Maybe not so for folks born of that generation. They had more backbone back then. They accepted what was dealt them and worked at solutions rather than whine and wait for solutions to be found by others. We should all pay a lot more attention to the senior citizens in our lilfe. People of my age will be the next ones, can we offer the same legacy? I Hope so

Happy Birthday, Mom. You are quite a gal!!!

rm_songbird5419 62F
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10/8/2005 6:47 am

I know your mother just a little bit and she is a remarkable woman. But so are you MissReality!! Talk about overcoming adversity!! You are my champion. When I fall into a "poor me" period, I just remember what YOU'VE endured and know that nothing I've been through even comes close!! You, too, are quite a gal!!! Don't ever forget it!!

If you are strong and push through the pain and the fear, you often find that happiness is waiting for you on the other side.

rm__Reality_ 105F
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10/8/2005 9:32 am

thanks Song, you seem to read between the lines *S* Does that surprise me, not in the least!!!!!

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