Happy, Happy Birthday Baby  

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8/23/2006 6:28 am

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Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

Wind and storm (wah-ooh)
Gone's the sun (wah-ooh)
From the stars (wah-ooh)
My dark has come
You've gone from me, whoa, whoa, tragedy......

Oh, come back (come back)
Have me here (right here)
Hold me love (my love)
Be sincere
You've gone from me, whoa, whoa, tragedy......

Like smoke (like smoke) from a fire (from a fire)
Our love (of love) whoa oh oh whoa
Our dreams (our dreams) have all gone (all gone)
Above (above) whoa oh oh whoa

Blown (blown by wind)
Kissed by the snow
All that's left is the dark be-ee (below)
You've gone from me, whoa, whoa, tragedy
Whoa, whoa, whoa tragedy


Don't you know that you are a shooting star
Don't you know
Don't you know that you are a shooting star
And all the world will love you
Just as long, as long as you are

I Miss You!

rm_angelshell 50F
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8/25/2006 4:04 am

Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and every other day of the year is when our minds and hearts think and ache for the ones we've lost. Its been 3 years (August 10th) since I love my daughter at the young age of 18. Everything and everywhere I go I think of her and "see" her. Sometimes I cry, other times I smile then yet there are times I get very quiet because I miss her immensely. I've felt that the times I cry is because she is crying as well because we are no longer physically together. When I smile is because its when we are spiritually side by side enjoying whatever it may be. The quiet times are the times when we are serious. Some people think that you are crazy because you "talk" or are "with" the one you love but have lost,,,,one day those people who think that will find out exactly what its like. There have been days where my daughter has literally saved my sanity here on earth from the magical eternal place she is. To comment on another post from My Love Reality,,,,darlin,,,no matter how much you cry,,,,not matter what you do,,,,you will NEVER wash Cam away. They are with us for an eternity until we join them. I know the pain and hurt you feel,,,,,a different kind of love,,,,but I completely know what your feeling. Even tho its been three years,,,,I do have a select few times where I don't care about anything else and just want to be with her. I know she isnt in pain or suffering anymore, but I feel that if I was with her, I could take back all the sickness and pain she had to go thru before crossing over. Brittany and Cam suffered 2 very different diseases, but extremely body destroying diseases which for unknown reasons to us, God chose them.
I remember the day as if it was yesterday that the doctors diagnosised Brittany,,,,I cried, I screamed and yelled , I cussed God for doing this to a 4 month old child. I looked at our pastor and said "What has she done to deserve a life sentence?" She is pure and innocent, why would he choose her?
He then looked at me and said "You do remember that you almost died giving birth to her, so cherish this time you have." Again, I started cursing at him telling him he has no idea because he has 4 children all healthy. The doctor at that point came into her room, and told us that she wouldnt live to see her 3rd birthday. I ran out of her room crying and screaming saying I can't do this. Over the course of the next few hours,,,,,somewhere God interviened. I spent the next full year, right beside her hospital bed until the day we were finally able to bring her home. She was only home a week and ended up back in ICU at the hospital that specialized in her disease. Two days after that admission she was rushed to Hershey Medical Center with a very gloomy outlook. Spending 2 months there, again we were able to finally bring her home. Eighteen months old at this point and only weighing 18 lbs, she was all I lived for. I lived in fear everyday. Her third birthday passed and she was still alive and doing very well actually for her disease.
To make a very long story shorter, I had a full 18 years of her beauty and love that the docs said I wouldnt have. Now I ask you, how could I ever think about crying all that away? Reality my love,,,Cam still cries too, but he will never cry you away .
Happy Birthday Cam, and please kiss Reality once for me .
Much Love Reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rm__Reality_ 104F
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8/25/2006 4:44 am

My Angel, do you know how much i love you? I hope so!

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