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8/11/2005 6:34 am

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I visited the chatroom this mornin. Its nice to know that most see the group garbage for what it is.

I've been on AdultFriendFinder for a long time and have seen many join only to try to "take over" They do so by seeking out those of us who have made a niche for ourselves over time, and try to destroy that.

It never works! Not because they seek to dethrone royalty as they often accuse us of. But that they try to defeat real friendships with namecalling, lies and innuendi.

None of the good people i have met on AdultFriendFinder consider themselves "room queens" "leaders," "members of a clique" or any of the other cliches that are tossed our way.

What we are, is a group of people who have come together, gotten to know one another and are comfortable chatting, disagreeing, debating and working things out if necessary.

Then, along comes someone who, in their arrogance, believe they have to ascend to the"throne". the throne that doesnt exist btw. Lol I see folks who, in the beginning, are respectful and able to have intelligent debate sink to the level they once abhorred.

I dont have any illusions of grandeur where AdultFriendFinder is concerned. Whether i'm liked or not is based on who i am and i will not change that for anyone.

So many misconceptions, people rush to opinions are so off mark, its amazing what some people have to do to impart an importance on their very existence online.

dreamer writes in group, that i was trying to hurt "him" by leaving his group. Of course followed with a rotflmao like its a huge joke.

I belonged to several groups, the calendar group, the motorcycle group, dreamers group, the neg group and others. I left them all with one exception, the group i helped found. Who moderates a group is of no consequence to me and my reasons for leaving any group has nothing whatever to do with trying to "hurt" anyone. I dont have to give a reason for anything i choose to do. To even suggest that is simply ridiculous.

I havnt lost respect for dreamer's online persona. I've always thought of him as an intelligent poster with a lot to add. Lately i do find his posts a lot less dispassionate and analytical and more steeped in emotion. I'm not sure why this is, nor is it my business. Just an observation.

THIS IS A BLOG! my blog!! It sat empty from February till now! How or why people found it so quickly is beyond me. I tired of the accusations, the cheap shots, the fighting and the misery folks seem to want to inflict on others. This is my place to express my feelings and i plan to continue doing so whenever i choose!

I did mention dreamer in passing in my first entry. I think i said, i watched Journey feign innocence and watched dreamer rush to her defense. I dunno,something like that, its here, all one has to do is read it. Dreamer found it necessary to chastise me for using his name. Well, get over yourself! This isnt a venue where anyone can dictate to me what i can or cannot say.

I just got a call from my "Kids" and they are estatic that they got the apartment they were seeking. They are doing well, working hard, getting well deserved raises and the future looks bright! They are gonna visit tonight. The gal i helped is doing well and a good friend from here is visiting on Friday. Those are the things that count!!

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