Goodbye Cameron  

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4/26/2006 2:28 pm

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Goodbye Cameron

I met Cam online in 1999. We had a typical online romance complete with "cyber" and fantasy's. As time went on through phone calls we became closer than i ever imagined could be. My life revolved around our time together on the phone and here online as did his.

We met when i moved to North Carolina in 2001 and "real life" was as intense as "online" had always been. We were not to be. Cam had never had siblings or children and i had two kids who were at a rough age {16} had recently lost their father and they came first. Cam was diagnosed with CLL and he needed to deal with that without the added stress of teenage boys. I moved back to New Hampshire and we always talked about what could happen when my boys were grown.

We stayed close and when i didnt hear from him for a few weeks i became concerned. That just wasnt like him. There wasnt anyone to check with. Cam is an only child, no extended family and lived a fairly reclusive life as a boat captain on a small island in North Carolina. Today i finally got up the courage to check the papers in Winston-Salem, where his parents {in their nineties} still reside} I typed Cams name in sans the jr thinking there was the real possibility that his father had died and he just hadnt found time to contact me. There it was his name, his obituary. Cam died in a hospital in W/S at the end of March. The brave fight with cancer is over and he can rest in peace on his beloved island.

I'll always remember my "Cool_Change." He was a bad boy, lived his life as he chose. Riding his harley, racing through the waves in his boat "Against the Wind" listening to and loving rocknroll. Little respect for authority, always walking on the wild side, but kind of heart and filled with love.

His song for me was Segers "Someday Lady you'll accomp'ny me," i always told him i was his "Shelter against the Wind." I have no doubt i'll see you again one day my southern man. Until i accomp'ny you, I'll hold you in my heart.

Theres a rocknroll Heaven Cam, i'm sure you're lovin it.

rm__Reality_ 104F
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4/27/2006 6:54 am

ty for your kind thoughts, hugggs

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