Gamblin Man  

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Gamblin Man

Cam was a world class poker player. His dream was to play in the world poker tournament but that wasnt to be.

He played online, cash games and he won. The poker rooms are a strange place. I would go there to watch him. A virtual table and animated people to simulate the players. It was wierd to sit and watch the hands.

He was a gambler and a risk taker all his life. At one time he took a job in Kuwait. He was a "commercial manager" for the "United Trading & Services Co." I have his business card and thats what it says, the part i can read at any rate. I asked him what that meant, what he did. After all, this was a man who never "worked for the man" and i couldnt imagine him in a suit and tie. He answered, I was the "white show pony" and left it at that. When it came time to leave Kuwait his departure would have done James Bond proud!! Where did he meet and decide to work for this company? He met the CEO at te gambling tables in Tahoe. Did this surprise me? Naw, not a bit. This is Cam i'm talking about.

Even tho he was in the fight of his life he still talked about doing the things he loved. I knew he wouldnt, he couldnt but it gave him peace of mind to plan so plan we did. He was gonna come to New England and deal at the casino's, he was gonna come to NYC at work at the harbor. He still put things on Ebay, I still proofed his text, we had survived the rough patch and our relationship was solid.

He had so many struggles. His insurance was a cobra plan, a fallout from the short and definitely not sweet rebound marriage to Donna. It was running out and chemo was not. No insurance meant no chemo in his eyes and it was as if he was resigned to it. I wasnt. I researched the system, made calls from NH, got him the paperwork he needed for medicaid. This was his only alternative at this point. Our system is flawed at best and in fairness i will say that when one lives on the fringes of society it makes it more difficult to deal within the system. Taxes, records, proof of income, nope Cam didnt have much in the way of a paper trail for his life. As luck would have it, while investigating his claim, the government discovered that Cam had a survivors claim against his deceased wife. They immediately issued him a social security check retroactive to the date of Bonnies death and a monthly check would follow. This may have seemed a godsend,money he could certainly use now that his ability to earn money was so severely curtailed. It was far from a godsend however. OUr government in their infinite wisdom issued this social security check then told him he had to large an income to qualify for medical help!!! He was a little over a hundred dollars to rich for help to live. He didnt want the check, he tried to tell them to keep it, all he wanted was medical help. He tried to pay the difference in order to qualify. Thats called a "spenddown" and commonplace in most states. You are allowed to make so much money and anything over that is considered a deductible on the medicaid insurance. While this is a government program, its administered by the states. NC is a backward state. He and I battled this. He got mad and cussed and vented. I got busy researching. Doctors must continue with chemo treatments regardless of insurance and Cam's doctor would have whether or not he was liable to. We finally won. All this takes it toll on a persons pysche though. No one who is battling cancer should have to ,in turn ,battle the financial end as well.

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