Calm Prevails  

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9/6/2005 4:10 am

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Calm Prevails

I've had time to breathe, relax and enjoy my new digs. Knee is still pretty sore but all in all i'm recovering.

I do like it here! This is the first time in my life that i've had a "nest" all my own. I love my kids, but they are settled and happy, so i'm free to revel in the fact that i can put things where i want, leave things where i want and answer to only me.

Nate was the hardest to get out on his own. Zach has been there for awhile now but Nate had it easy living with Mom. He wasnt ready to accept adulthood. He enjoyed having all his money to squander as he wished while Mom provided his sustenance. I found him a nice apartment, helped him get into it financially and took a deep breath knowing this was the best thing i could do for him. Its not easy, the "Mom" in us wants to nurture but when they reach adulthood, they no longer need that. Its not doing them any favors allowing it to continue.

I spent the day with my sons yesterday. Took Nate grocery shopping. It was amazing to see! How he used to yell when I tried to save money on groceries! Generic soda, pizza~!! Oh, he'd get so upset! Yesterday was an eye opening experience!!! He saw the prices made choices to save money, I heard, omg thats soooooo expensive!! I didnt say a word!!

Zach and Molly's wedding is closing in fast. The 17th of this month!! I'm helping where I c an but i will say, its nice being the Mother of the Groom!! They are having a simple, outdoor wedding, I'm glad of that, it will be lovely and wont break Molly's parents. Zach and Molly are good for each other. They're young, but I think they'll make it. Wouldnt do any good to counsel them to wait so I've been supportive.

Its nice to finally be content and see the children flourish as well

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