A Year in Paradise  

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8/19/2005 4:19 am

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A Year in Paradise

We spent a year in North Carolina.

Some of it was Heaven, some was Hell. I guess thats the case in all aspects of life.

I had always been an advocate for my children in the school systems. I was able to find them a place in a small, limited enrollment high school geared toward kids with issues. However, the NC school system is such that the boys didnt begin classes till january.

We spent a couple of months living in Paradise. Indoor pools, weight room, sauna, right on the ocean! Locals were blown away at the northern kids going in the ocean in December!!

The one drawback with Winter rentals in NC, is that you must vacate in May. The Summer season is when money is made. My condo went from 800 per month all inclusive, to 1200 a week for the months of May till Sept. If i had it to do over again, i would have made a different decision. But at that time, I felt having a "nest" was important for us so I found a duplex, way too expensive, where we could rent year round. It wasnt right on the ocean, but was close enough., and still on the Island. We settled in.

I had been married for almost twenty years, to an alcoholic man who believed women werent worth a lot. He had, unfortunately instilled this in the boys. It was next to impossible for me to step into the role of authority with my sons. They were sixteen by now, bigger than me and not willing to listen to anything i had to say. Sixteen is a hard age to begin with, but when sixteeen year olds with the attitude that Mom had no ability to "rule" it becomes impossible. I did my best, but i found myself in a subordinate role. Sixteen is the age of consent in NC, one of my sons is Bipolar and he refused medication. There was nothing I could do as it was his decision to make. His mood swings were frightening! He's a very big guy {6'3"} 280, and yes, I was afraid of him. Not so much for what he'd do to me, but what he'd do to the rest of his life should he act out towards me with violence.

AdultFriendFinder was my lifeline. My friends kept me sane and helped more than I can say. It became apparent that if i stayed on this Island, alone, with two out of control teens, we wouldnt survive. I began making arrangements for another move, one that proved to be "jumping from the frying pan to the fire" but I thought it was a good decison at the time. Everything I did was to try to save the kids from themselves. I made mistakes, but always with their best interest at heart.

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