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8/11/2005 7:23 am

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yes, i did read the latest post, by dreamer, in the neg group.

I was directed there, so i went and read it altho my plan is to stay away from groups other than the one i am a member of. I am as curious as the next person.

They, hmmmm there is no "they". Songbird and I are friends. We discuss issues, we fight, we disagree and we make suggestions to one another. But we arent "they"

Song had been blogging and she suggested that i avail myself of the feature. She's suggested this before with blogs in general not necessarily the one offered here.

I've never been a journal keeper but i see the advantage now. Its a wonderful way to commit to memory the thoughts and feelings one has on any given day. Its not a place where one writes and expects or asks for opinions. If they're offered, so be it.

That i began this journal right after a "war of words" between dreamer and Song is not relevant. I didnt participate in that exchange but yes, it was a catalyst. I had grown weary of the fighting, bored with the silly innuendi offered by the tasty's and totally disillusioned by Journey. For anyone to think i left the groups in some sort of conspiracy with Song to make a point is not only untrue but so absurd its almost as laughable as anyone thinking they "drove me out."

As a matter of fact, let me say here that Song and I disagree on our style of writing. I wont use innuendo, if i have something i want to say here, and it involves another person, i'll use the name rather than insinuate. She thinks before she types while i type from the heart and sometimes offend when i dont mean to. The only thing we have in common as far as posting goes, is that we are both honest. We say what we feel regardless of how popular or unpopular that may be.

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