Why do babies...  

rm_YogiBearHugs 64M
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6/13/2006 9:43 am
Why do babies...

...throw their toys out of the cot?
When they know they can't get them back
Or do they not think that far?
Is it because they know that mum will rush in the moment they start crying and give them their toys back?
Then why do we adults also throw our toys out of the cot?
Even though we should know better
We know full well that mum isn't going to come running
And we have little chance of getting them back
Why do we turn our worlds upside down?
Why do we seem so hell-bent on destroying the little we have left?
When we only have one little seed of left of what was once a beautiful garden, instead of planting it and nurturing it, why do we cast it down and trample it underfoot?
Do we ever really grow up?

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