Positive Blips and Human MatchMakers  

rm_YipYazoo 50M
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7/25/2006 8:22 am

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7/27/2006 1:54 pm

Positive Blips and Human MatchMakers

As soon as I vent my frustration in my blog, lo and behold, I get a number of positive responses! Thank you ladies, you know who you are.

On another note, I floated the idea, in an article and poll, of having AdultFriendFinder Members become MatchMakers, rather than having a computer do it. For example, the AdultFriendFinder server has no idea if a member is genuine or a Bot, Phish or a ScamSPAM.

I got some great responses, both positive and negative. Indeed the overall feeling is it's a good idea and worth pursuing, but as the saying goes, "Devil is in the details."

Compensation for the MatchMakers is a crucial issue and my thought is to reward successful connections via points or Gold Membership.

Anyway, I've forwarded the idea to AdultFriendFinder and we'll see if they think it's worth pursuing.

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