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9/16/2005 6:29 am

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A very erotic dream has awoken me and once again left me very horny and in sexual overdrive.
This dream was a little different.
I was hot, but dirty. Nasty, but really nice. It was everything i wanted.
My dreams begin.....

I walk to the door of the gentleman i agreed to meet.
I have been chatting with him a little while now. He is really laid back, quite almost. Decent looking, nothing to flashy but not bad lookin at all.
He greats me at the door with a big smile. "You look alot better than i could have imagined you would", he says. "Thank You sweetie" I reply. "Drinks" He asked. "Yes please" I agreed. "Lol you sound great sayin that, you will be sayin alot of that later". "Is that right" I say as I laugh.
We talk about past sexually expereinces as we drank. He told me all the things that turned him out and turns him on. I told him the same. After the first drink was finished we begin another one. "I have something i want to show you" he says. "You should follow me." Um.."Okay" I replied. A little hesitant but intriqued. He opens a door and leads me down stairs to a dimly lit room. A Large TV had a porno playing in the background. I see a bed with hand and leg cuffs, a swing, and a large standing X, i am guessing this was to tie me up to.
My eyes opened wide. Um. Something I havent tried before, but was I ready to fully submit. I was always the type that liked a "little dominance" during sex. Someone who knew what he wanted and how to control the flow, but I also liked to do my thing aswell. So given up completely is something i didnt know if i could do.
I didnt know what to say, for the first time i was speechless, i didnt show the hesitation that I was feeling in my head though. He looked over at me and reached to take the drink out of my hand as he says "Do you think you can handle submitting to me completely."" I want your mind, and body for the entire night. I want to know that you are ready to feel like you have never felt before. To cum like you never could have imagined. Are you really ready."
My mind is raising. I want to, even if its only for him. I just felt like I wanted to really bad. But can i really. I would drive me crazy. Umm. Maybe I would like it, maybe i need it, maybe it would show me something that can satisfy me because nothing seems to be doing so right now.
"Yes" i agreed. He grabbed my waste and pulled me in close. Reached for my hair and pulled it back firmly yet gently. "Its yes MASTER" he stated. "You be a good little girl and do what you are suppose to." He pushed me down to my knees, hair still in his hands. "Suck it now" he demanded as he pulled his beautiful dick out for me to suck. I did just that. Taking all of him in my mouth. I barely moved as he held my hair with one hand and stroked my mouth, all he needed was my toungue and mouth now. He was saying things to me that no one ever had. It was nasty, it was dirty but it turned me on and as he stroked my mouth my pussy got wetter and wetter.
He picked me up and tied me to the X. I was spread out, standing up, hands and legs tied. I could no longer move, he had my where he wanted me now. He teased me, I begged for a touch, anything. He licked me. I begged for more. He fingered me as he whisper nasty things in my ear.
I am going cray inside. I need it. Anything. Something inside me. NOW. Finally I scream "please Master, please fuck me." He smilled and said "Good girl, You are learning well." He moved me to the swing as i rested in place. He drove his dick inside me with no hesitation and no mercy. I was getting it all now. It was deep, it was thick, it felt so good. He pounded my pussy as he drove his dick in and pulled me back and forth on his dick so easily.
OMG I am going to cum....
"No no" he says. "Not yet" as he stops right before I was about to cum. He moves me to the bed. I am now on all fours. He places my ankles in cuffs. Now the fun is just starting..

I awake realizing how nasty my dream was. How much I was now turned on...being the Submissive...

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9/26/2005 12:23 pm

nice dream, you should try the dungeon room at club hell.... it wouldn't be a dream for very long of course you would have about 8 more guys in on it

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