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10/12/2005 11:18 pm

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with love .......

A Hopeful, Heartfelt Journey Of A Young Girl, As Her Grandmother's Time In This World Is Coming To The End.Even Now Grandma by Rebecca K. Drnjevic

Even now that you are sick Grandma, I will sit beside your bed and we can still visit. Your old cat will watch us closely, While we play a game of cards. In the morning, when nothing else tastes good to you, We will eat ice cream instead of eggs. When everyone else has left for the day, We'll make believe we are going to Mexico. Have you ever been to Mexico? Or flown on a big jet airplane, Grandma? Even now Grandma, I will dress up in your old clothes. And you can dream about when you were a little girl. We will look through all the dusty picture albums. And laugh at my baby pictures. In the afternoon when the sun is high in the sky, We will rest on the porch. We'll throw seeds to the sparrows. And wave at the neighbors when they drive by. While you are napping, I will go to the meadow. An
d bring you back some Indian Paintbrush. We will put them in a pretty vase. And admire their smell. Even now Grandma, while everyone stays up late, and talks about everything, And we've grown tired. . . we'll go to your room and look at your favorite books. When the night is very dark, and you can't fall asleep, We'll paste some more in our scrapbook. And when your hands begin to tremble we will turn out the light. And make our secret wish on the brightest star. Even now Grandma, when your pain is big, And your voice is small, I will cover you up with your favorite afghan, And together we'll wait for everything to get better. ******

warmandsexy52 64M
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10/15/2005 2:06 am

With you all in spirit. I'm deeply moved. In the sadness there is a beautiful love in this post that means so much. Take care.


warm xx

Fuzzyface51 65M
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10/15/2005 8:40 pm

A tear fell, and I remembered my Dad who past away of a heart attack brought on by cancer. Your thoughts touched my heart. Even as I type, I think of an 84 yr old lady who is a friend and the mother of a friend of mine. She is as sweet as anybody can be. Thankfully she does not have much pain, but the Chemo does take its toll on her and her taste is often not there. I will surely miss her when she goes.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. May God bles you and watch over you as you stand in vigil with your gradma. I wish that I had been close enough in distance to have done so with my father.

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