old rock house spot rd. exit I-8 Arizona  

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11/8/2005 6:33 pm

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old rock house spot rd. exit I-8 Arizona

....outside the city limits
foreplay equals the distance
where ever I may roam..

In stupid shoes I remembered to bring water and saw first hand arizona highway 238 is still owning up to what i call it .. dead cow road... where the cows and the highway dead ends is Gila Bend .. The only place that cheats when they call in their daily temperatures so they can be the hottest place on record .i guess if you gotta be known for something .. being the most like hell works... looking around the place its clear they just didnt have any other option...but the a and w at the end of town makes a killer ice cream cone ...on the road... well... kinda .. about 20 miles outside of gila bend i tossed the rest of my ice cream cone out of the window.. negotiated the angle and the distance and everything... i even thought to take the paper wrapper off so I wouldnt be littering .. I rolled the window down enough and tossed it perfectly... the cone cleared the van no problem.. but the physics of cream at 70 mph. arent the same as the physics for the cone and I realized that when it the cream part came back and hit the outside of my window and got in my hair. He as laughing ... I think what i was wearing under my dress helped that and I laughed cuz its not like I dont do that kind of stuff ... alot... and now i understand the reason for bringing water is in case you gotta rinse whatever you threw out the window out of your hair.. I didnt have to .. it wasnt that bad...but the window got it good.... oops.. so much for my careful non scientific evaluation of the flight of an ice cream cone . (sounds like some title of some wierd ass coffee shop poets poem doesnt it ... " my careful non scientific evaluation of the flight of an ice cream cone " itd go something real low and depressing and stupid like this >>> " frozen in a blurry prison... cone holding me in.... cone is my friend.. my soft to his hard ...til an oppressive wind came ... or was that an oppressive woman came and tossed us into a great wind... and separated us the cone my friend from me the cream.. i am nothing but splatt .. " well something stupid like that anyways ... so much for stupid coffee shop poets and their poetry ..
i had a road to find .... but I never did find it .. However theres a cool old rock house at the spot road exit .... in the middle of the desert ... and thats where we exited..
Ive lived in these here parts ( spoken with a twangy drawl accent) for oh.... id says since i was just a green horn kid .... long enough to know better... but ... the whole shoe thing escaped my mind that day .. and
I didnt realize my shoe selection (sandals of course ) sucked til I took my third step out of the van and just about lost my foot in some huge ass hole that some creature i didnt especially want meeting me foot first .. no doubt was calling home .. ... Im relatively certain it would consider my foot an unwelcome guest ... and everything in arizona either stings , bites, or scratches.. even the plants.. But i wasnt about to let the possibility of some toxic discharge from the fang of an unhappy reptile curdling my blood keep me from checking the cool old rock house we came upon ... and I carefully made my way around ... only to find .. not surprisingly, that the biggest threat of injury (among other things ) came not from the creatures that call where i was standing ..home.. but by intruders ...man... what else ... the rock house had broken beer bottles all over and around it .. and i gotta know .. how lame does a man gotta be to have to throw glass at hard rock and be thrilled it breaks ??? damn near cockless ... id say .. so lame of a man that chances are the very fact that the house is rock hard gives cause for his resentment.. hee hee ....

I laid my jacket down- yeah i brought and wore a jacket - to go with my open toed shoes , but of course. and I sat on the ledge which is how the picture came about ... the sun was in the clouds but it was hotter then gila bend where I was standing ... or near thereabouts... and with my hands leaning against the rock house ... we almost went over the edge.... almostt... theres gotta be something to take the bummer out of the drive back... and so it went and came.
Cool day.. ....

Nastyblkman65 67M
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11/10/2005 4:35 am

Hey Baby,
Glad yo had a great day, you deserved it.

Truegentleman100 58M

11/11/2005 2:41 pm

Nothing better than rural Arizona in the bright sunshine of fall. Cochise County is my favorite. It is healing.


MRkittylicker2 54M

11/13/2005 11:08 pm

Damn baby you make me want to drive out and come help you take that sweetness between your legs and lick it till I've got a wet beard and your reduced to nothing but spasms of pleasure. sincerly Mrkittylicker2

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