beautiful sunrise this morning......  

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9/22/2005 11:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

beautiful sunrise this morning......

When ya look at this picture ... and it was just one of many I could've selected - every one of them awesome.... I dont think there's a single person who wouldn't understand why "doing it" in the arizona territory is my idea of heaven on earth.... so what if we do things "officially" alittle bass assckwards , I ve come to expect it and even enjoy it .. as a part of this great states "individual flavor" ... i mean honestly, who could be altogether focussed on the business at hand... when only twelve -24 - 267- hours ago .. you and your partner were wearing nothing , in the middle of nowhere, having sex, watching the day begin ... like this. I could give a shit where the new stadium goes..... here... just stick it over there ... and no one thought about the airplanes .... hee hee heee.
Hi people, hope your days moving along in the usual arizona way ...

I went out for a bit last evening then fell asleep almost the minute I arrived home. (its not what you're thinking- I had been up most the night before because my duaghters boyfriend got robbed working night shift at his job).... so I was tired.... but I had a nice time at dinner meeting someone new. . Just about every one I 've met in person from here has been really cool .. Only one I wouldn't see again for sure.... out of 5 that's pretty amazing considering the odds of meeting anyone really cool in some club are about 1 in 300... give or take a dick or bitch... And the people who have written me ... especially here, in my blog, well, i cant say enough about you ... you have helped me see things more clearly , and are an ongoing source of support thank you . Im starting to wish I had tried this kind of thing sooner... its no secret men want to fuck.. and I share that ummm we'll say thought .. but its really not actually a thought is it? hee hee .. and im sure not the only woman who shares that "interest " in sex.. .. so what better way to find some friends then somewhere where the sex isnt really the issue.. everyone on here knows they love to fuck... so its just a matter of who... . Am i wrong? It sure hasnt meant anything consistent as far as "to relationship or not to relationship" ... thats been just as widely variable as it is anywhere else on this planet... some dont some only do some undecided ... like anywhere and everywhere else ... Here , on this adult site, at least everyone seems to agree if the sex isnt great , there's just no reason to continue anyways ...cuz no matter how 'nice" and "good looking" someone is , if they arent doing it the way you need it to be done, it aint gonna work .. I'm not wrong huh?
I know .. you'll tell me if I am.... and I wouldnt have it any other way..
Ya know, When it comes to meeting you people in person , though, I really am still alittle uneasy .. only because Im not at all sure I can meet your expectations ... The things you say and think of me , to me, seem out of my league.... I've never considered my looks that much and for the most part I still believe its better that way.... I pretty much like who I am on the inside and maybe I wouldnt even know who I am on the inside if I focussed on my appearance to get me by .... ???? who knows. all I know is that I hope your expectations are not more than I can deliver .... I would love to be the woman of someones dreams ...

p.s. my moms doing o.k last night and this morning after checmo. so far so good .. I reiterated im on call 24/7 .. in case she needs me.... for anything... even if its just to hold her head if she s feeling like throwing up. like she used to for me ... growing up . ... this time she didnt argue with me . she just said thank you luanne.

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9/26/2005 11:49 am

You know Luanne, you are so modest. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. I am sure you meet every mans expectations, if not, that man doesn't know what he's looking for. I am sure every man want's to have sex with you, the same as I do. I am sure you can and will do everything yo satisfy me, I believe you are just that kind of person, that's why I want to meet you. Not jst for the sex, I'm sure I could sit for hours looking into your eyes and listening to you. You have so much to offer.
I am glad your Mom is doing better and pray that she continues to improve.

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