I went....  

rm_XxXbutterfly 50F
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10/20/2005 8:40 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I went....

and wish i hadnt ..
forever the sight of blisters on her soles of her feet and the palms of her hands and the thought of the same blisters running up and down her throat as she gags down some lidocaine solution ... and her words....
"i want to go home"

will live inside me ...and kill...
i dont think i can go see her anymore...

Nastyblkman65 67M
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10/21/2005 11:29 am

You went, you saw and now you feel terrible about what she said to you, but you must stay strong and get through it. I understand this is not a good time for you, but you must stay strong for your Mom. Whne she is saying she wants to go home, that does not nessary mean that she wants to go to her earthly home. I'm sure is is tired of suffering and wants to leave this world and go to a better one. Who can blame her, so therefore, you must stay strong for her and yourself.
I am back and I am here for you, for what ever you need. My thoughts were with you the entire time I was gone. I am back now and I am here for you, all you need to do is call and I will be there.
Stay strong baby and things will work out.

warmandsexy52 64M
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10/24/2005 5:26 am

Brave Luanne,

you are strong only in those moments when you are challenged in this strange journey we call life. You have shown such courage. To walk this course is the hardest walk of all. There will be the almost audible sound of footsteps as you walk this way. These will be the friends you have, those that care and those that offer support.

My thoughts and prayers


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