Taken in the woods a role play story  

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6/14/2006 10:12 am
Taken in the woods a role play story

I am watching you from the woods around your cabin. You are getting ready for a walk and I am planning to take you and fuck you hard once you are in the woods. You stat off on the trail and I am following behind you just out of your sight. You have on a light top with spaghetti straps that is just holding in your perfect breast. And you have on blue jean short shorts that are stating to ride up the crack in your wonderful ass. I can tell that the more you walk and the shorts ride up and rub your pussy the wetter you are getting. Already I have a rock hard dick just waiting for the right time to grab you and stick it in you hard and fast. You are now out of sight of the houses and I know it is time for me to make my move. I come out onto the trail you are on and start to come up behind you. You hear me coming and look back at first you smile at me but then you see the look in my eyes of lust and the bulge in my paints and the smile fades away and the look of fear come over your face. You start to pick up you pace but I do the same it is then that you know I am after you and you start to run. I run right after you, you jump off the trail to try and loss me in the woods just what I wanted you to do. I am right on your heals you run out into a clearing and that is when I tackle you to the ground. You start to try and push me away but I pin you down and in a low even voice I tell you that if you do not stop it will be much worst for you. I take out some rope from my back pocket and bind your hands behind your back. You are still struggling but it is to late I bend over you and run my tongue up the side of your face stopping to whisper into your ear (you are going to love this you little slut) I then sit up and still straddling you and start to undo my pants. I then lift up your shirt and rub your big beautiful breast see your nipples start to get hard I look down and say to you ( I told you, you are going to like it and look you are you slut) I then tell you to take my dick into your mouth you try not to but I take one of your nipples in pinch it every so lightly and tell you it will get worst if you do not do what I want. You open your mouth and I run my dick into is I have you suck on it and tell you that you better do a good job your life my depend on it. I am so hot and hard I can’t hold back to long and tell you I am going to cum and that you better swallow all that I give you. I then blow my hot cum down your throat and only pull my dick out after it has stopped pumping my cum into you. I role off of you and you role onto your stomach and try to get away. I grab you and tell you that I am not done with you yet. I keep you on your stomach and grab you by your hips I take one of my hands and start to rub your pussy and pull the jeans to the side and insert one and then two of my finger into you pussy. You jump with the feeling of my fingers in you. I then bend down and state to lick your pussy. I can taste your juices and know that you are close to Cumming. I then run my tongue up around your ass hole and you take a deep breath in. I then take my thumb and slid it into your ass with my two fingers of the same hand still in your pussy. I start to run them in faster and faster you then let out a moan and I feel you pussy start to tighten around my finger I say to you that you are being a very good little slut and ask you if you like what I am doing but you don’t say a word. As you cum all over my hand I am now rock hard again and I reach around you and undo your shorts I pull them down to your knees and push your wet panties to the side I then run my hard dick all over the outside of your pussy and get it good and wet with you juices. I then hold it just out side your pussy lips and start to slowly slid it in and when I am half way inside you I grab your hips and with one fast hard push and a pull on you hips I ram my dick hard the rest of the way into you I start to ram you fast and hard pulling your hips into me with every push of mine. I take one of my hands and undo the rope around your hands you then push yourself up onto all fours and start to rock back into me you are now mine you cannot stop and I know that you now will do anything I ask and not run from me any more. I grab your hips and pull you to me with one hard pull as I unload my hot cum into you. At the same time you lift your head into the air like a wild animal and let out a low moan as you too start to cum. I pull out of you and stand up and look down at you. You are looking back at me with a look of total fear but also total understanding that you are now mine and that I can have you anytime and anyplace I want. I tell you to suck me clean and you jump to your knees to start to lick my dick clean….. and the rest of the story will come soon

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