Road Trip Part 3  

rm_Xneedfun35X 46M
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5/19/2006 3:06 pm
Road Trip Part 3

You are just laying there caching your breath as I bring in our stuff from the car. I look down at you with the sweet gleaming all over your body from the firelight. I go and grab a small towel and I lie down next to you and slowly start to carries you with it and rub you down. I look into your eyes and pull you close and we kiss and it is a deep and long kiss our tongue darting in and out of each others mouths. I then pull away and tell you that you should take a shower that it will make you feel good. But I tell you that you have to keep the door open for me and I wink. You get up and I hit the control again and you jump. And look back with a smile. You undress and get into the hot shower you are only thin there a few minutes when I pull back the curtain. I am standing there naked You have the water running down your body and you look at me but before you can say anything I take you in my arm and kiss you again I then turn you around and slowly slide the egg out of you and replace it with my rock hard dick. I start off slowly and I then pick up speed I have your hips in my hand and I am giving it to you hard and fast and when you are close to you climax I pull out of you. I then quickly slid my dick into you ass hole and start it all over again and when you start to cum and I feel you ass tighten around my cock I let loss with a tidal wave in you ass. When both of our throbbing and moaning finely stop I climb into the shower with you and we wash each other. When we step out of the shower and start to dry off I grab your towel and start to dry the water off you back I then run the towel down you r legs and as I am down there I move my hand up to you pussy and insert one of my fingers. You bend over the sink and I run my tongue up and down you pussy and then circle you ass hole also. I then stand up and turn you around I pick you up off the ground and slowly lower you onto my cock. I just hold you there and do not let you move we kiss and it is so hot that we are lost as to what is around us. I then start to lift you up and down on my cock as I walk with you in my arm out to the front room. I lay you on the table and start to pick up speed giving you long steady hard strokes into you pussy. We both cum with a force that has us howling like wild animals in heat. I then take my cock out of you and grab the towel and clean you up I also put the egg back into your pussy and tell you to go and put on the sexist lingerie you have with you. I tell you that I am a very visual person and just love to see a beautiful woman all done up. We kiss again for a long time and you go off up stairs.

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