Road Trip  

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5/2/2006 12:51 pm

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Road Trip

I would love to be driving up to my cabin with you next to me. You would have a short black dress on with black lace top and sheer stay-up stockings with a black silk thong on under the dress and 3-inch spike black heels on. You would also have a white silk blouse on with a black lace shelf bra on under it. I would have you get in the car and just after we get on the high way I would have you undo your blouse so that any one that pass us may see you and you perfect breast. I would have you rub your nipples so that they are good and hard for every one to see. Then I would reach over and slid my hand up your dress and push it out of the way so I could play with you pussy. I would then have you undo my pants and start to rub my dick. As I get hard I slowly rub your pussy through your thong just enough to make you want even more. I would then trace one finger around the top of your thong just pulling the edge up to slid my hand down as I come close to your pussy I take one finger and rub it up and down slowly over you lips so that you are good and wet and then I insert one of my fingers in slowly pulling it in and out until you are begging me to pull over and take you. As this is going on I still have you playing with my dick it is as hard as steel. At this point you are lost in what is happening and you cum with a force that has my hand-soaking wet. I pull my hand out from your thong and let you taste your self on my fingers I then also taste your sweet juice. Once you have com down some I would have you then start to suck on my cock and give my a blow job that I never would forget and as you are doing this and your ass is up in the air for all to see I would take my free hand and start to play with you ass hole. Taking some of that pussy juice that is still dripping from you and rubbing it all over your ass hole. I would push my finder softly on the opening just enough but then not enough to slid in. Then as you bring me close to blowing cum in your mouth I push even harder on your ass hole and when I erupt I insert my finger as far as I can into your ass. After all of that we both need to take a brake. I have you help me clean up and do up my pants and you do up your blouse. But I am not done with you, I tell you to go into the glove box and pull out the bag that is in there. When you have the bag I tell you to open it and take out what is in side, what you find is a remote control vibrating egg. I tell you to take the egg and insert it into your pussy, and then to give me the control. I tell you that you have to keep that in until we get to the cabin and that I will set it off when every I wanted and for as long or short as I wanted. With that I hit the button and hold it there until you cum once again. As you are caching your breath from that, I hit it again in a few short jabs. This would go on for the next hour or so until I get off the freeway to find some place to eat. I find a nice mom and pop dinner to eat at. You and I get situated and we get out of the car to go in and as we are walking I hit the control real fast just enough to get you to jump. As the hostess approaches I hit it again, and she then take us to a booth. The waitress take are drink order and we look at the menu to see what we are going to have. When she comes back with our drinks she asks if we are ready to order and we are. As you start to tell her what you want I hit the control again but this time I hold it there for a little bit of time. I do not hit it again until we are walking out of the restaurant. And when we hit the parking lot I hit it and hold it until we get into the car. Once we get back on the highway I would have you undo my pants again and start to stork my dick again and I would have you doing this on and off for the rest of the drive to that cabin just as I would continue to turn the egg on and off. And when we arrive at the cabin…. Well that is a whole different story.

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Welcome to blogland....WOW...Hot stuff...~D~

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Welcome to the blogs!

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Thanks I hope you like what you read

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