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3/27/2005 12:47 am

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Once you are satiated with a session of heavy breathing, I'm curious to know what you like to do with that intermission between sessions besides cuddle, luxuriate, vegitate, shoot up, crush beer cans on your forehead, or sleep. I mean, do you just lay there in mind numbing sensory deprivation, or do you like to get up and balance your act by doing something extremely interesting? While you're recharging your batteries getting ready for your next charge up that hill, where does your mind go? Rest and relax is something we all do after great sex, but your mind never stops. Do you allow it to get into something fascinating in which you are extremely interested that's almost as much fun as sex to you? If so, what is it?

I have a number of things I like to do during my intermissions besides lay there and go, "Ommmmmm." In my own digs I have surrounded myself with fascinating things, so much so that I have no excuse for ever feeling bored. I am almost never bored. I'm also one of your better informed people about the world in which we live, so having a conversation with me, after a journey through Nirvana, is a smorgasbord of possibilities. I never cease to find things to be interested in, so even after having great and exhausting sex, even while I'm resting and relaxing I'm usually learning something, or sharing myself at an entirely different level of awareness. I also find that by being this way and doing this, I can have sex again sooner than I could have otherwise. What about you?

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