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5/25/2006 5:53 am

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Ready and waiting

Looking forward to cumming to and with you!

Mabe you could feature on this blog too!

I plan to share some of my most delightful experences through this blog for others to comment on.

For example, tonight I was chating with a really adventurous lady, who lives miles away and we were reflecting on are last get-to-gether.

It was on a massage table in her frount room, where I had spent nearly an hour giving her a theraputic massage session. It was suposed to just be a theraputic massage, however, she kept moaning regularly that I was not attending to her love spot.

As we were at her home, each time she moaned, I secretly shed one item of clothing. We both got hoter and hoter! I held off but contined to massage her eronious zones, one after an another, keeping well clear of her cliterous!

At this point she turned and opened her eyes. She saw me reaching over her firm round buttocks, as I massaged her legs. I was by this stage standing totally exposed and erect.

The next thing I knew, was that my cock was halled into her mouth and caressed to its full glory!

She turned over and I changed tack and gently caress her tender spot. We both came within a minuite in a 69 position.

After a couple of miniutes cuddling on the massage table we got stuck into each other again. We fucked outselves silly and only stoped when we crached to the floor in a heap. It was a good job the neighbours were not at home, because it was the loudest bang I have ever had!

We moved to the shower and soaped each other down before sliding genterly into her bed, We joining together again, in a CC position with my limp cock nesseled against her hole. We both slept soundly until daybreak. My manhood grew again in the morning and we had another slow fuck before breakfast.

On the way to the airport she sliped her toung into my ear and wispered that she would love a repeat the massage and all the extras, next time I was in town!

I am looking forward to it and cumming again!

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