Winding down.....  

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9/26/2005 5:10 am

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Winding down.....

Well it is now Monday morning, and in 15 hours I have to be at work.

I have errands I have to run before hand, so I'm going to need to get to bed earlier than normal.

Mondays are generally slow nights at the hospital. Also, with the weather cooling down, people are less likely to be out and about getting into trouble.

So, stuff to do today before work.

1. Hit the bank.

2. Take my suit in to get altered. (I've lost weight finally...woo hoo!)

3. Hit the pet shop for aquarium supplies.

4. Do a little grocery shopping.

5. Do laundry.

6. Wash dishes.

7. Take out the trash.

8. Clean my car.

9. Shine my boots and shoes.

10. Begin a search for a semi-permenant female companion.

Just so you know, 5-10 are pretty much always on the to do list.

1-4 are "must be done" items though.


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