Story continued....  

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Story continued....

Jack finished out his shift finding places for all the admits from the code yellow.

After he got the last one squared away, he went to pucnh out and then left.

As he walked out to his car, he thought about just blowing Lucky off and going home. It had been a long night and Jack needed rest.

Just the same, it was nagging Jack that Lucky would come to the hospital during an obviously busy time just to ask for a chat. Whatever he wanted, it must be important. So, as Jack started his car, he decided to head to the diner.

Jack walked into "Al's" and looked around. It didn't take him long to spot Lucky sitting at a booth in the back by himself. He was finishing a plate of runny eggs and hashbrowns.

He made his way to the booth and sat down just as Lucky finisehd shoveling a forkfull of fried potatos and runny egg yolk into his mouth.

"Early breakfast?" Jack asked.

Lucky swallowed the muck and took a sip of cola to wash it down.

"Yeah, something like that. I'm glad you came Jack, I need your help."

Jack shook his head and went to leave.

"No no! Listen Jack, its nothing like that. At least I don't think it will be. I just need someone to watch my back on a pick up. It really shouldn't be too heavy."

Jack sat back down.

"Ok Lucky, I've got questions first."

The waitress came up and Jack quieted down. She asked if he needed anything, and he ordered a hot tea. After she left, he started again.

"First, why me? You've got plenty of pals who do this sort of thing."

Lucky wiped his mouth.

"Man, lately I couldn't get my own mother to back me up. Its been a tough year Jack."

"What about your boy Sancho?"

Lucky shook his head.

"Sancho's gone."

Jack nodded.

"Next question then. What are we picking up?"

Lucky smiled.

"Just some money. Not enough to get into a twist over, but enough where I would feel easier with someone behind me is all."

Again, Jack nodded.

"And where are we picking it up?"

Lucky finished his cola, just as the waitress brought Jack his tea. After she left Lucky rubbed the back of his neck.

"No place too scary, just a warehouse down at the docks."


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3/12/2007 10:32 pm

nooooooooooooo, you can't stop now - please finish??

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