An encounter.  

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An encounter.

Once upon a time....

There was a man named...Jack. (They're always named Jack in tales of this sort, so Jack it shall be here as well.)

Anyway, Jack had this little anger management problem and it sometimes got him into trouble. Nothing too serious mind you, but enough trouble where people began to say things about him behind his back.

Case in point....

One day Jack was on his way to work. He worked in a big castle that was owned by a wicked queen. What Jack did at this castle is unimportant, but just know that his job was well suited for his mindset.

So Jack is on his way to the castle, driving his oxcart. As he came to the draw-bridge he saw that for some reason it was raised. This wasn't any good at all, because Jack needed to get inside to be on time for work.

So Jack looked up at the gatehouse tower.

"Hey assholes! Its Jack! Let me in!"

There was no response. After a couple of minutes, he called up again.

"HEY! Assholes! Let me in! This shit isn't funny!
I'm supposed to be at work already!"

Suddenly, a guard popped his head out of the tower window.

"Fuck off Jack! The queen says you're fired!"

Jack was astonished.

"What? WHY?"

"I don't know", answered the guard, "She said it was something to do with budget cuts or something."

Jack was getting angry now.

"That's bullshit!"

The guard just shook his head.

"Yeah man, tell me about it. We're dropping down to half the normal staffing for wall gaurds by the end of next week. Times are tight around here. But what can ya do?"

Jack looked up at the guard with confusion plain on his face.

"What? No, nevermind. Can I at least come in to get my last payment for services rendered?"

The guard thought for a moment.

"Yeah, sure come on in."

The drawbridge lowered, and jack took his oxcart into the castle. He parked it at the stable and walked over to the reeve's office. The reeve was the guy responsible for keeping track of the castle's money. He was also the guy who gave out everyone's pay.

Jack walked into the reeve's office and slapped the man's desk.

The reeve looked up and saw Jack.

"Oh hey Jack. I thought they gave you the axe already."

So Jack beat the shit out of him.


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