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11/2/2005 4:26 am

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meeting a faf

the following is a fantasy about meeting a female adult friend........hope u enjoy, if u r feeling lonely @ the moment pls feel free 2 slip a hand down ur pants or under ur skirt...

we had been chatting 4 about a month when i decided i was going 2 get out of here n go n meet her. she seemed nice, had a level head n i was on a huge drought with the biggest case of blue balls. plus work was just pissing me right off so what better way 2 rid myself of my frustr8ions than 2 go n fuck a was all the more exciting 'cos of the fact...

so landing @ the airport i had long ago had the 'well i hope ur ready 4 me, theres no going back now' after my plane took off. everything was unfamiliar at the airport, i knew no one and had never been 2 that airport b4. i slowly made my way through the arrival lounge checking off obstacles in my way; visa acquisition, customs n final security bag screening. i got around the corner 2 c a multitude of people standing waiting 4 loved ones n heart was racing! this is it, i'll b able 2 c her, touch her....kiss her. feeling a bit like a rat in a maze as the taxi drivers mobbed me 4 a fare, i heard a little cry of triumph as i turned n there she was....flowing long black hair, big brown eyes, smooth but feminine facial features n the gr8est lips that look like they could pleasure me everywhere. woah! fuckin hot!

being asian, she looked much younger in the flesh plus she wore a short skirt, heels n a top with a zipper down the front all making her look younger than her mid twenties. her lips latched on 2 mine n i was hard in no thats what it was like 2 open mouth kiss a stranger. well, we had chatted nearly every night over the net, we had swapped nude n semi-clad photos, talked on the phone....strangers? maybe, but we were going 2 bed very soon 2 fulfil what we said we were going 2 do 2 each other.

she had teased me by saying she was going 2 go commando when she met me @ the airport, n now as she walked ahead of me up the stairs i caught flashes of her hot little ass as her skirt swayed n her beautifully tanned legs flexed as she walked. fuck! as if i wasnt hard enough already! my shirt wasnt long enough 2 cover my hard cock in my pants n i wondered if anyone was noticing. there werent any other fair skinned foreigners walking around that i could c so i could feel eyes on me like i know my hot little female chapperone could feel my eyes all over her. her tits looked better in real life as did everything else. her asian n dark skinned appearance would have 2 of my fetishes satisfied n still i wondered if she had undies on....she was horny as hell as raced ahead of me 2 climb stairs n try n give me a glimpse of her undercarriage n fuselage. everything about her was petite; her arse, slender but voluptuous body n titties i know from her photos would sit up on their own without a bra. oh man....we were on our way 2 fuck each hit me then. no buying drinks 4 her, no endless hitting on her with line after line, no dry humping on the dance floor.....just good, hard, clean sex in a hotel. no one 2 say 'get a room!', we had 1 lined up.

the taxi pulled over n we got in. she shuffled over the back seat, her skirt pulled taut across her lap, exposing her upper thighs on her left side right in front of me...she looked up @ me n smiled like 'i wanna fuck now, in here'. we might have 2 but the whites of the eyes of the taxi driver seemed 2 burn as he occasionally glanced in2 the back of the taxi on our way. i shuffled across next 2 her n put my arm around her but it wasnt long till my hands began 2 wander....down her back, the skin so smooth, so hot...down under the hem of her skirt 2 satisfy me she was wearing a....

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