Wyoming Old Grouch Couch  

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7/10/2005 8:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wyoming Old Grouch Couch

Well a blog is supposed to contain infinite wisdom and great ideas to improve the world. Oh and a few dirty words or ideas will help. But this one will just contain bitching, complaining and a few compliments about folks and things the old guy has observed. Join in comment as you want and find out if I don't iggiot list you or delete your comment cause I don't agree.

For now let's just say I am tired of the pretenders who want to find ways to hurt other folks by making up stories or by bending the facts or their undeducated version of the facts to fit what they believe will make them better friends with others.

Sure folks talk about each other in any group and sure there are those who are never bothered by the truth, but then again most of those politicians are too busy collecting money for re-election to come on an "adult" chat room and try to screw with others lives by bending the truth or just outright lying.

So for now..welcome to my couch and welcome to the old grouch's world. If you don't like it..find yourself a futon like the real swingers have not us old farts who have a couch


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