This is my erotic stories site.  

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This is my erotic stories site.

Check back from time to time, and you'll get to read my newest and latest works. Here's the first one. I call it...


The night air is cool as it blows across my skin, its chill sheaths me in a blanket of shock. Soon, I realize that stars glint in the naked sky. Not even a whisp of cloud marks the full moon night and I can make out a number of the constellations, including my own. Orion, Hunter of the Gods. Staring up at Orion, I lose myself, forgetting that my past exists, that this world exists, that even I exist... I hear you approach. Slowly moving toward me. Your breathing is quiet. I picture you in my mind's eye. Your hair frames your face on both sides, accentuating the lines of your lips. You wear a long silver necklace, wrapped twice to hug the curve of your neck. A spiderweb array of black fishnet clings to your body like a tattoo, leading my eyes to the blood-red bikini top that restrains your breasts. I notice you wear the top on the outside of the fishnet; you're such a detail freak, but you know how I think. Down the spiderweb, across your middle and on to the micro-mini skirt. You wear a wide black belt with a silver buckle. The belt almost obscures the red cloth of the skirt, sooo sultry. I don't mind though, it gives me a great view as I look at your sexy thighs as they ease into your calves and bare feet. Black fishnet gaps reveal red toenails beneath and I look at your hands. You wear black lace gloves, but I can still see the red beneath.

You reach out and touch the skin of my shoulder, jolting me from my vision. "What are you thinking about," you ask as you move in front of me.

"I was just picturing you in that outfit we talked about," I say. "You looked great." I smile.

You lean back, holding on to me by the waist. "I can let you get back to it if you want," you chide. Even as you speak, you are brushing your hair back with a free hand, then sliding it down the neckline of your robe, stopping to play with your nipple. I see your fingers working beneath the cloth and watch as your free nipple grows, pressing tight against the silken cloth. Pursing your lips, you close your eyes, losing yourself and making tiny noises of pleasure.

"I can picture you anytime I want," I say. Grabbing your ass I growl, "But for now, you're here. And I can do more than just imagine. Tonight we learn... and we teach." You smile, draw your hand free and lacing it in my hair. Pulling me toward you, our mouths meet. Tongues clashing, we find a rhythm, settling into a sensuous dance. Soon we are joined in the moment, our singlular passion. Pulling back, I lightly lick your upper lip, gently, then kiss it. Massaging your shapely cheeks beneath the robe, I graze your lower lip with my tongue and you say, "That's really hot." You pull me back in again for another passionate round. Your soft tongue caresses the inside of my mouth, sometimes tickling the roof. It makes me smile which stops the kissing briefly.

"You like how I tongue you, don't you," you ask knowingly, a smile on your face.

"I really like how you use your mouth," I whisper, "It's a talent. It makes me hot all over."

Pressing close to me, rubbing close you say,"mmmmm, yeah, I can feel how much you like it. So what else do you like about my mouth?"

I laugh, "The shape."

"The shape?"

"Yeah. Your mouth has a pouty quality to it." Cocking your head, you eye me closer. "It's not a bad thing. It makes you look cute, innocent, but sexy all at the same time. When you wear a scholgirl outfit, you are gonna look so hot. It's the kind of pouty that makes a guy stand up straight. Know what I mean?"

Looking down, you chuckle shyly. "Yeah, I can see what you mean. Sorry." Raising your head halfway, looking up with devious eyes, you ask, "What do you like when I go down on you?"

"What do you like when I go down on YOU," I ask.

You lean back, grinding my growing buldge into you. Letting out a really big sigh you say, "There's a lot that I like. But I asked you first." You smirk.

"OK, but you're going to tell me. We BOTH learn and teach tonight, remember?" You nod. "so... I like to watch it slide back and forth, past those pouty lips. And when you are looking at me too... mmmmmmm, it's all I can do to go with the flow. It's kinda like when I've got you on your back, sliding a dildo in and out of you, watching it move, glistening with your passionate juices." Stopping for a moment to redirect my thoughts to your mouth again, I finally speak, "Maybe it's also how your hair frames your face, how your lips look wrapped tight around me, your cheeks sunken-in as you slide toward the tip."

"So oral is just visual for you?" I feel your body loosen, preparing to be disappointed. I grab your ass tight and look deep into your eyes. When you look back, I kiss you. Again, you press close and this time both hands are in my hair. I gently back away and sigh contentedly, "It's partly visual... but when you take me in your mouth, your tongue is pure electric to my desire. You know exactly how to read what I want. You don't just play at oral, and it shows. You really like it, and that why I like it so much. Plus, you mix it up which is a real turnon. Sometimes you suck me in long, wet strokes, sometimes it's a short frenzy. You suck and lick my balls. You lick my shaft, tongue my tip... you do a lot of nasty things that really turn me on. Like I said, you read what I want really well, and you aren't afraid to give it to me. So no... it's not just visual."

"What else?"

"I like it when you use it to talk nasty. The things that come out of your mouth are so sexy... there's nothing better than when you really get into it and start spouting off all your dirty talk. Let's just say, I like it when you're able to be vocal, 'cause you usually don't waste the opportunity."

You smile wide. "Really?" I nod. You move a hand to my boxers, evade the waistband and grip my stiffening shaft. "Ooooo..." you squeal lightly. "Looks like someone is enjoying himself."

I move my right hand around your hip and glide my fingers over your trimmed bush, stopping to finger the outside of your lips. Two strokes and your wetness is spread all around. "Looks like I'm not the only one enjoying this huh?" With a devilish smile, you pull me free. You squat in front of me, french kissing the tip of my hard cock. My shaft jerks. You laugh. Untying your robe, you let it fall open as you jam me into your mouth again, eyes locked on mine. Slowly sliding back and free, you drag your tongue down to my balls. You kiss them lightly, then stand up, revealing your naked body in the starlight.

"Are you ready to come inside," you ask.

"Are you ready to learn," I ask.

You laugh, grab my rock hard cock, and lead me in.

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