The Show  

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3/15/2005 6:18 pm

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The Show

The show was fantastic. We all played better than we hoped and the crowd cheered their approval at every break. I saw you dancing to my grooves at the edge of the stage. It's nice to see you moving in the crowd, wearing your white boy shorts and T-shirt like a second skin. The band packs up, loading my truck bed to the brim. Going back inside I spot you dancing with the girls. Walking up behind you, I take your hips in my hands, moving with your sway. You lean back, wrap an arm around my neck and kiss my mouth. Palming your stomach, I press you tight and kiss back. "Let's go," I say. "I'm parked out back."

I lead us to the door, holding it as you pass through. Turn left and you make for the truck. It's hard to miss, parked in the last spot, stacked high with electronics. I let you lead, getting a good look at your ass move in those tight white bottoms. I watch the muscles in your legs flex and release as you pace. You look so decadent with your ankle socks peaking over the tops of your sneakers, almost innocent. I snicker, knowing better. I let you in the cab, turn over the engine and wait for the idle to settle into its routine. Looking in the rear-view mirror, I can't see out for all the equipment. "This is going to be tough," I say. "I can't see out."

"That just means no one can see us either," you say as you reach across the seat, grabbing my wrist and guiding me beside you. We kiss again, but not as reserved as in the club. You straddle me, peel off your shirt, and slide your tongue in my mouth again. Your mouth is drenched with desire, radiating heat, and it feels good on mine. Spreading your legs wider, you grind on me, making me pant ever harder. You lean back, your pouty lips forming a small, devious smile. You know what I want. I move you to the floorboard, staring into your eyes, anticipating your mouth. You deftly unzip my pants, pull away my shorts and stroke my stiffened cock. You shove me inside of your mouth, loosening your tongue so you are soft, hot and sweet. You smile as I groan, my cock in your mouth. Sliding back up, you let your saliva drip all over me. "mmmmmmm," you hum as you wrap your expert hands around me, gently stroking me to a vein-laced rod. "That's what I like to see," you whisper.

You have me right where I want, and you know it. Laughter spills out of the club, the warm air of the night breezes through the cab. I look down to see you stroking me, smiling at the sight of my raging erection. Then you dive onto me again, this time, sucking my cockhead past your lips, across your tongue and as deep in as you can go. Lacing my fingers in your red hair, I hold you there. You grab my ass and hold tight, wrap your lips around me even tighter, then oh so slowly slide up, stopping before I am loose from your clench. You glide your tongue past your lips, gently licking and teasing the underside of my head. I hiss in pleasure, "God... uugghh... dammit baby." You smile, pleased. Taking me ever deeper this time, you tickle my balls with your white-painted nails. Up, then down with your mouth and I want you bad.

As you back off to breathe, I slide my hands past your bra, gripping those sexy breasts. You groan and suck me with renewed fervor. God you are so sexy!! I want to come, but I have ideas. "Inside the glovebox," is all I can get out.

You laugh and say, "I can't get inside the glovebox silly."

"Just keep going," I say. I slide a hand free and open the glovebox, pull out a condom and rip it open. When you pull off of me again, I give you the condom. You smile, lean back seductively and take the condom in one hand while gently stroking me with the other. "I planned on using my mouth," you say.

"Plans change," I say. You make a pleased groan as you look at my rod in your hand. You put the condom on its tip and start rolling it down. Maybe it's because I'm so sensitive right now, but I feel its pressure around me as you finish getting it in place. I pull you into the seat, straddling me again. A couple stops, three cars down, to watch us make out in the cab, the truck running. They have no idea what's going on at first, but it wouldn't be long before they realize.

I moan into your mouth as you grab my cock. "Did you get that condom out for a reason," you ask deviously, your mouth inches away from mine, our eyes locked. Guiding the straps over your shoulders, I pull the top of your bra down, and suck your nipples. I slide my hands across the flesh of your inner thighs and you grab me with your free hand, pressing me tighter. I turn you around and stand you up, your feet on the floor. I have a completely unobstructed view of you as I peel your shorts over your ass and spread your cheeks apart. You are so wet I can see it, and so hot I can feel it. Grabbing your hips, I guide you back to me. Darting at your exposed clit with my tongue makes you sigh and lean back. I hold my ground, tonguing your hot pussy, then flicking and licking your asshole. You laugh and groan at the same time.

"I know," I say. "You'll get it soon enough." I french kiss your holes, tongue lashing your engorged clit. My big hands slide over the flesh of your ass, inside your thighs, over your belly and circle your breasts. Massaging your nipples causes you to inch toward me, and I use the chance to drive my tongue deep into that asshole. You grunt, grind back and forth, and smile at the voyuer couple. Now I lead you back, sliding my thick rod into your hot little pussy. Your heat invades the condom, setting my cock on fire. You lean back, rocking and driving me into you ever deeper, our breathing, ragged, gasping.

"Oh baby," you squeal, "you feel soooo good. mmmm" I get you to the seat's edge, standing you up so I can see myself moving in and out. You feel exquisite. Putting your palms on the windshield for support, you start to bounce up and down. A groan escapes me, starting in my toes and moving throughout my body. You reach between your legs and drag your nails across my tightening balls. "Ugggnnh, I'm gonna come," I say.

"Oh god.. do what you want," you beg. I feel the orgasm building inside of me. I can't hold off much longer with your talent. I push you free, turn you around and lead you to the floor. Ripping the condom free, I push your mouth down on me. You eagerly accept, sliding your hot tongue across its stretched flesh, your fingers against my tortured balls. It only takes a few strokes of your sensual mouth before I explode. Feeling it surge through my shaft, you slide up, holding your lip lock on my tip, licking me as I shoot stream after stream into your hot mouth. "Oh god baby!! That's it... uuunnghhh... god..." I moan. "uunnngghh... oh you're so damn hot..."

"mmmmm... mmmmMMmm..." you groan to my spasms. Leaning back, you smile and let my cum dribble past your succulent lips and across your breasts. White splotches cover your chest mimicking the white outfit you were wearing. You look absolutely devine and nasty as you stroke my still spasming cock. You take me in your mouth again, gently at first, then sucking tighter every time you drive down onto me. Your mouth sends pleasure shocks through me as you kiss my head. You tuck me back in, put on your shirt and get back into the seat. Grabbing each other, we kiss again, hot and full of passionate tension. We aren't finished for the night that's for sure.

As we break our kiss, you point over your shoulder and chuckle. "I think we gave them a free show."

I laugh and say, "That wasn't a show... that was just a prelude." Gently, I slide a finger across your wet clit.

You close your eyes, letting me rub you. Then you say, "Let's get outta here and have some real fun." As we pull out of the lot, you blow the couple a kiss, but she was on his lap, shirt off, as he played with her nipples. I'm sure they missed it.

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