And then...  

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3/11/2005 5:06 pm

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And then...

The follow up to Lessons. Hope you like it.


The moonlight cascades blue through the widow, draping you in a pale cloak. Your exposed skin, an irridescent white, draws me near. You stand at the foot of the bed, frozen, in your robe as I slowly move to you. My graceful hands glide down the length of your spine, resting on the bare flesh of your legs, then sliding high to cradle your ass. You tremble. Pressing my lips to your neck, below your delicious earlobe, I feel the heat of your flesh as you flush with passion. I want to kiss your neck, to feed my passions on the heat of your desires, but that sexy choker stops me short. Squeezing your tightened ass, I lock on to your lips, our tongues moving across one another, slick with lust. You brush your hair back with a free hand, then slid it down your neckline, stopping to play with a nipple. I see your fingers working beneath the cloth and watch as your free nipple grows, pressing tight against the silk. Pursing your lips, you close your eyes, losing yourself and making tiny noises of pleasure. My hands slide up and over the skin of your waist, then cup your breasts. Our kisses get deeper, your breathing heavier, as I knead your erect nipples through the cloth (no bra, sexy). You break our lock, gasping for air. You smile, and lace your fingers in my hair. Pulling me toward you, our mouths meet. Tongues clashing, we find a rhythm, settling into a sensuous dance. Soon we are joined in the moment, our singlular passion. Pulling back, I lightly lick your upper lip, gently, then kiss it. Again, I'm massaging your ass beneath that dress, I graze your lower lip with my tongue and you say, "That's really hot." You pull me back in again for another passionate round. Your soft tongue caresses the inside of my mouth, sometimes tickling the roof. It makes me smile which stops the kissing briefly.

I laugh and sit you on the bed's edge. You start unbuckling my pants. You are ready, but I stop you. One more kiss as I kneal before you; I slide your robe open, freeing your breasts, and push you back. You look so sexy, rode laid open, its belt riding beneath your breasts, choker binding your neck.

Moving between your thighs, nibbling and sucking their hot flesh, my hands caressing your calves, I hear you moan. You are so wet now, it glistens in the moonlight, inviting me. Kissing and licking around the flesh of your hot pussy, your hips rotate and rock, attempting to help me hit the mark. "I know where to go. Trust me," I say. Spreading you open with one hand, I slowly drag my tongue up one slickened lip, then down the other. Up, then down. At first you can't get enough, your beautiful mouth spouting the dirty desires of your mind. Soon you begin to understand. The passion begins to build inside of your body, filling you with greater desires. Your free nipples jut out tighter and tighter, holding back the orgasm. Sliding my hands up your hips, across the flesh of your bare stomach, I'm gentle. Even still the tensions split in you. I cup both breasts, gently sqeezing as you grab my head, pressing me toward your clit, wanting release. I flick my tongue out, darting it across your engorged mound and you release me as if you've been shocked. I drive my tongue deep inside, circling. You hiss. I chuckle in the delight of your lusts. My lips lock down, surrounding your most sensitive spot, sucking, my tongue darting back and forth. Then slowly, up and down. Slowly, I stroke your nipples with my fingers, gently up and down their sensitive length in rhythm to my tongue. Your body darkens in the moonlight, the bloods of desire rising to the surface. Your head is light, I know it because my head is light. I suck you tight, pulling your clit to the surface, exposing it to my hot tongue. My fingers pinch down on your nipples and you sqeal, at first from shock before realizing it's not pain. Pleasure shoots from nipple to clit. Down then up, up then down. Circulating. Building.

Understanding, you push my hands away, freeing them so you can take over. You play with your breasts, twisting your own nipples to perfection. You are so sexy. You are so wet now that my finger glides inside of you easily, filling you enough for now. I mouth you. I tongue you. You groan and writhe in pleasure, a pleasure that builds and tightens, your skin glowing in the moonlight. My free hand drags down, lightly grazing the flesh of the back of your knees, the insides of your thighs, your ankles. You can't believe it, but you even feel extacy in the soft carress across the sensitive tops of your feet. Then it happens. It feels like your nipples explode, your clit spasms, a jolt of hot electricity shooting from crotch to breast to brain. You arch on the bed, frozen in pleasure. You tighten around my finger, but I keep sliding in and out, my tongue keeps teasing you. Just as the spasms stop, just when your hunger is at it's peak, another jolt. "uuunnngghh," you groan. I pull the robe down to your ankles, it's texture driving you crazy as it glides across your back, your ass, your thighs. You are bare except for that sexy-as-hell choker. You sit up, desire filling your eyes like a fire. You can hardly get your fingers to work as you open my belt. You fumble with the zipper but quickly get me naked, a pile of clothes at my feet.

Your gentle hands wrap around my cock, gently caressing it as you examine it in wide-eyed desire. Your painted nails look beautiful as they slide up and down my length. Flattening your tongue out, you lick me from balls to tip. I moan in approval. Smiling, you take my head inside of your mouth, circling its rim with your delectable tongue. You look so sexy, that face, those beautiful lips wrapped around me, your lust-filled eyes locked onto mine. Soon, you take more in your mouth, the heat of your mouth exciting me more and more. I slide the fingers of both hands in your hair, its texture tickling my fingers the same as your tongue tickles me to pleasure. I want to come. I want to feel my balls tighten, my shaft spasm, and I want to watch streams of hot cum explode in your mouth. I want to see my juices streaming from those sexy lips and onto your hot nipples. But that can come later. For now, we have much more to do.

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