The start...  

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10/19/2005 12:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The start...

I have shared my woman with another man before and Julie had the pleasure of 2 men before meeting me. However the men with Julie were both so drunk that she spent most of the time just trying to get them hard!

The beginning of our experience together in swinging was with another man that Julie knew. They were together before we met and he was good so I wanted to give her ME and HIM and make it all even hotter!

Our philosophy is that our hearts and love will never be shared but that our physical bodies can be!

He was shaped like me in every way. So it was like having twin men for her! We met for dinner first, but we were all so excited that we didn't eat much!

It was a very hot and enjoyable 2 hours. She had a cock in her mouth and in her SO tight pussy the entire time! The moans that came from deep within her were amazing! My only problem looking back was their kisses because it wasn't just 'heat of the moment growling animal sex' kissing... It had a history...

When he came and shot his load all over her ass I loved it! But when she ran her hand through his cum and then licked her fingers clean as she sucked on my rock hard cock, I was in heaven!

By the time I shot my load deep inside her from behind, we were all exhausted! It would have ended just fine if he's not wanted to brag to me about having spent time with a hooker in Vegas when he was seeing Julie... Moral of the story... Don't bring a former boy or girlfiend into it!!

So that's where we stand... We want to experience all we can sexually and welcome the idea of another couple coming into our sex lives... Are you the ones??!!

edgeism50 32M

10/23/2005 9:03 am

wow that was quite the experience... hope you guys have as much luck with each encounter you have... hope that bad things dont happen next time though!

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